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  1. Try iView 3 for raw conversion. Does a good job but not as good as photoshop would do but it does it in under a second. Plus, the software also does all your cataloguing too which is very handy.
  2. Good shot, but I think you could have got more for it. The dead space on the right is a dream for laying up text and hence it's ideal for advertising. Advertising pays big time. Also, any image should be sent with a delivery note stating the licence terms by which the picture can be used. 'Forever' is not really an option and legally speaking it's fairly meaningless. Next time, define the period and back up the licence terms with terms and conditions more water tight than a mermaid's bra. The problem with not doing so is that a company further down the line might want to buy the image and they might well ask where else it's been sold to and under what terms. This can be the clincher as to whether it sells again or not. Afterall who's going to buy a picture which has already been given away to someone 'forever'... My terms and conditions are linked to from my site (see the link at the bottom of the page which this link points to): Terms and conditions (sample) To go with these t&c's I send a delivery not which, for example, would read: Licence terms: Use of the picture contained herein for five years starting from 1st January 2006 on a non-exclusive basis for reproduction in print media only in the United Kingdom. Subject to attached Terms & Conditions. Moral Rights Asserted. Hope this helps.
  3. Check out the NUJ's website for what fees you should be charging. You don't have to be a member, just look at their site. Also, if you're in the UK the BFP are good are giving rough fees. As ever depends on size, print run and placement. Content doesn't matter. Indeed, the worst pictures somehow sell the best. That's life. NUJ: NUJ
  4. It's a good idea. I do design work for a client who's an underwater photographer so if I can help with anything then let me know. I use a printer in the UK, and while not the cheapest way of doing things, they do have one of the only presses in the country and for that matter world which produce true photographic prints on a traditional 4 colour press. They do this by using a new halftoning method which removes all 'dots' from the picture so you can take a lupe to the finished product and it's truely photographic. It also means you don't have so many gamut issues as you doing with traditional presses which is important for u/w jobs due to the narrow gamuts often used i.e. lots of hues of blue etc... My client produces a calendar each year which you can buy from his site if you want to see the results. The calendar has been used by Heidelberg who designed the new printing presses to promote their method so you might have already seen it. The link is: Ocean Realm Images Calendar or http://www.oceanrealmimages.com/calendar/calendarintro.htm I'm happy to help if anyone's got any queries though. Good idea and like Alex Mustard said, there are a lot of good pictures out there and it would be good to get them to a wide audience. Does need a good editor though to pull all the pictures together. For the calendar, I find a theme pulls things together well... Good luck!
  5. I thought people might be interested in this site: www.oceanrealmimages.com
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