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  1. I think this is a really crap design, mine has been jammed on since the first dive with it, 1 year ago.
  2. The 6" dome port is fine with the 15mm FE on crop sensors. You really need the 8" dome for full frame.
  3. What camera are you using? If it is a cropped sensor dSLR then you can get away with one strobe more than you could with full frame due to the cropped FOV on wide angle lenses. Macro, you only really need one anyway. The other thing to consider is that you have one strobe and it malfunctions then you are much more screwed than if 1 out of 2 strobes malfunction.
  4. What is wrong with checking housing and strobes in the hold baggage? They are designed to withstand pressure and so reasonably tough. Mine have been checked in soft bags numerous times on long haul flights over the past 3 years without problems so far. With computer, camera, flash and lenses etc in my carry on, I never have room for the housing or strobes. Does anyone have any nightmare experiences to share, except lost baggage that might make me change my mind?
  5. Thanks again and some feedback for anyone who is searching for this thread in the future. The viz was about 2 to 3m and the dolphins move fast. The water is pretty green. I went with high ISO, fast shutter speeds and strobes. I still got only one or two good shots and will post when I am happy with the photoshopping. I reckon I wouldn't have got much without strobes and even less with filters on this occasion. To be honest their promotional photos are shit and if anyone who knew what they were doing went and spent some time taking photos then they should be able to easily sell them back to the tour company. Regardless of the photo stuff, it is an awesome experience to jump off the back of a boat on front of a pod of a 100 dolphins and even better to repeat the experience 5 times in a morning! We also saw 3 sperm whales in the afternoon but that is another story. Kaikoura is truly amazing :-0 G
  6. Thanks guys, think I will go without the filter and strobes and have a strobe handy on the boat in case I change my mind on the day.
  7. Hi, Im going to to do the Kaikoura dolphin snorkel with my canon 20D this weekend and would appreciate some advice on whether to go with strobes or forget the strobes and use a magic filter. We only have time to do it once and Im going to have to decide before getting on the boat. Im not sure what the viz will be like or how close you can get to the dolphins. Im thinking that if you can't get that close and it's a sunny day then I would be better off with a filter. On the other hand....... Any advice from anyone who has done this particular trip would be appreciated. Cheers, Grant
  8. Fantastic images. Extremely well lit. I like your desaturated photoshop style that you have cultivated.
  9. Ive been using the Canon 60mm EF-S macro in an ikelite housing port. Does anyone know if a canon macro ring flash will fit inside the port as well?
  10. That is a bummer. Better buy another 20D body at some point then.
  11. Anyone know whether the 30D is sufficiently externally similar to the 20D to be operable within a housing designed for the 20D? Cheers
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