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  1. Did this viewfinder sell? Thanks, Charlie
  2. I have found that a high quality mask defogger on the outside keeps bubbles from adhering to lens. This was happening to me when I took those shots looking up kelp stalks (above me where my bubbles go). If I was still shooting AF, I would get some great abstract shots. Those other methods work, but I hate to think while I dive Charlie
  3. I have one of those pods. It holds 2 NIMH batteries. As per my earlier post, I flooded my other one. I am still looking for a replacement. Let me know if you find anything. Thanks, Charlie
  4. I am trying to keep my old Light and Motion StingRay working for another year or so, for underwater inspections. Clients don't need HDV, they just need to see what's down there. I flooded one battery pod, and would like to replace it. If you have one of these lying around, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Notthoff
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