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  1. still for sale?
  2. new price 1550 for all the kit, or 795 Usd for the stones only
  3. Due to some familiar issues i had to quit from my job in the maldives so i am currently selling my photo gear everything has only light use , so no big scratches or abuse marks can be found the kit its composed by nautical housing for sony nex 5 N , with the flat port and zoom gear for the kit lenses, 4x 25 cms ball arms 6 clamps , 2 iron z 240 type 4 stones with the diffusers and 2 fiber optic cables , the camera comes with 2 batteries i ill try to sell everything together for now the price is 1700 USD , for more photos pM or add me on facebook joao contente afonso
  4. My posts are still being made as guest , what i need to change? , as above was said , im following the forum for 1 year now i ve learned a lot with it but now that i want to sell some gear i am not being able to do it
  5. any one know so far how are the new z330 about water leakage ?
  6. that are some nice results how does the camera works with low light focussing ?
  7. ínterested can you send me some pics?
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