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  1. Cool, Thanks for the tip Tom, great pic BTW.
  2. Here's the corrected and sharpened edge detail. Cheers,
  3. Hey I've been shooting with this lens a bit in Aquatica Digital 9.25" & 4" ports on my Nikon D810 and both ports have gone really well. I didn't use any port extension in the 9.25" and used a 16.5mm (0.65") extension with the 4" port. There were some small aberrations but nothing Adobe Camera Raw 9.10.1 couldn't quickly put right by checking the box "Remove Chromatic Aberration Box" I'm still experimenting however, also going to try it on the Nikon D500 tomorrow and write a bit more about it. A few of my results below. 9.25” Glass port with port shade removed, it’s necessary to remove the shade because it will otherwise be included in the frame! No port extension, Aquatica zoom gear and inward strobe lighting on short strobe arms. The reason for the inward lighting is because I needed to be very close to my subject, almost touching, to get a frame filling shot. To light it I literally needed to direct the strobe light through the glass port whilst being very careful not to get the strobes in shot. I also needed a very clean port inside and out, that strobe light is very unforgiving at highlighting dust and smears. This selfie picture of the rather frisky octopus shows the effect of the full frame fisheye and highlights the use of the inward lighting. The suckers were gripping my port and were lit quite nicely. Exposure was 1/15th sec, F13, ISO 64. A 100% crop from the edge of the frame is very good in my opinion. There is a little chromatic aberration evident in the backscatter as shown above but that is only to be expected with such an extreme lens. This I quickly sorted out by checking the "Remove Chromatic Aberration Box" in Adobe Camera Raw version 9.10.1 and a little post process sharpening got me a nice crisp result across the frame. I'll post that pic later as I've run out of upload space. Cheers,
  4. Hi Matty Smith here. New to wetpixel, will start posting soon! Cheers
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