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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. The housing has a single hole for a wrist strap, so a traditional strap would not work. I think I found a solution for Optech.
  2. I have the Olympus PT-030 housing for the SP-350. I would like to take the camera in the housing on an above water trip and would prefer to carry it around the neck. Is there a neck strap with padding that would work to attach to where the wrist strap is secured? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The hood was on. We were snorkeling in Bonaire in December. Not much swimming weather up North..
  4. I had a problem using the sp-350 with the pt-030 housing while snorkeling. When the sun was very bright, it was not possible to see anything in the viewfinder. I tried to change the brightness of the screen but to no avail. I had to guess that the object was being photographed. When the clouds were out, I was able to use the viewfinder. I had the same problem using the camera with the pt-030 while above water when taking pictures in sunny conditions. Has anyone else experience the same? Any suggestions?
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