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  1. I assembled my first serious underwater rig today, a Sony RX100V in a nauticam housing with dual YS-D2 strobes. I'm currently using fantsea fiber cables and the strobes in TTL sync mode. When I take a test shot to make sure the strobes are in sync, one strobe appears much brighter than the other. It seems that one strobe might be just slightly out of sync with the other. Any suggestions what might be the cause? Am I better off slaving one strobe to the other? Should I try nauticam cords? Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Just an update. My package arrived today and I had a chance to inspect. The housing is brand new in box, never used. There are a ton of extras I will include:spare o-rings, ND filters, filter adapters, soft grips for the housing, sun shield, silicone grease, etc. The big eye lens looks as good as new, maybe used a handful of times. The tray and handles are in great shape as well. This is an awesome package for anybody looking to get their RX100 underwater. Reasonable offers entertained.
  3. Recently bought a camera package that included, what the seller has told me, is an unused FanTsea Line RX100iv housing, along with tray, m67 Big Eye Lens, and assorted extras. This housing fits the Sony RX100iii, iv, and v and still has the original box, paperwork and accessories. Again, the housing is most likely unused. Same with the Big Eye Lens. The tray and handles are the only items that show any light signs of use I already own a nauticam housing and have no need for this one, just bought the package for the strobes and arms. Brand new, these items would go for $900. I'm asking $500 USD plus shipping. Let me know if interested! Photos available upon request, I'm just not sure how to attach them here.
  4. Hello all, Steve from NYC. I'm a long time lurker who finally took the leap and purchased a proper underwater camera setup! Really excited to start posting here and to continue learning from you guys! As part of my day job, I have formal training in photography, and I've been a hobby landscape photographer for several years. For personal use, I shoot the Sony A7ii platform, and for work I use the Nikon d810. For my first underwater camera setup, I chose an RX100 m5 based largly upon the recommendations of many of the members of these forums.
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