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  1. good job Alex, nice shots The seahorse and peacock blennies are very stunning. And remember... Drinking Beer Can Change the World
  2. Hey man, we come back of dive in Estonian waters in 2 degrees. I don't feel my hands!!!
  3. Thank you Karel We come back Tallinn this weekend with the Hanse Explorer vessel. Beautiful town Tallinn Best Wishes
  4. RAW files and picture information required for Final round judging Dear Photographer The 2011 Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition received 40,942 images from 95 countries. After two very intensive but equally energising and exciting sessions of critical review, the judges have managed to whittle down the selection to the freshest and most innovative images that will now comprise our Final round. I’m pleased to tell you that at least one of your images has made it through. The judges are going to have a very tough job when the Finals take place in June. Wish me good luck!!!
  5. Hi to everyone Recent the people ask to me for make rotate pictures with slow shutter speed. May be this is interesting for somebody. You need think this: Strobes made the fish static face (the strobe speed is very fast 1/4000) and the rest is shutter speed. Only is necesary rotate 60º more or less. But the most important part is the correct exposition. Samples: Shutter speed: 1/13 f22 2 Subtronics Maxi Strobes NG iso 100: 13 in 1/2 power Shutter speed: 1/4 f22 2 Subtronics Maxi Strobes NG iso 100: 13 in 1/4 power Shutter speed: 1/8 f29 2 Subtronics Maxi Strobes NG iso 100: 13 in Full power Good luck
  6. Some americans come to Jardines every years, but across Cancun. When they come back to USA never save nothing from Cuba. Only shots Thanks for comments
  7. Jardines de la Reina: El último refugio del Caribe http://www.vimeo.com/20973374 WITH MY BEST WISHES
  8. The silkys every day and the hammers only once Kind regards
  9. Silky, Caribbean, Nurse, Whale Shark & Great Hammerhead Regards
  10. To me Jardines de la Reina: Silky's, Caribbean, Great Hammerhead, Whale shark, nurse shark, crocs and easy dive conditions. Good price and exelent service. X
  11. nice shots! I like the first one & last one. Thanks for sharing. Regards
  12. "If life gives you reason to mourn, shows that you have many more to dream. Make your life a dream and your dream a reality. " I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Carlos Suarez
  13. To me it is very difficult to decide which was the best picture this year. It was a year filled with travel and work in different seas. I remember greats moments in Mediterranean, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. I think the most enjoyed doing is this croc. I hope you enjoy it. Regards
  14. Hello again mates Without doubt, the highlight of Jardines de la Reina are the sharks. Sharks of different species in almost all dives. It is the underwater photographer's dream. Hope you like. Regards
  15. Another of the many attractions of Jardines de la Reina are crocodiles. There are many, but a couple are more calm than rest. One is 2 meters long and another about three. Both appear when want, although it is rare for at least a couple of times a week do not see any of these reptiles. I put some of the images. Hope you like. This document is an example of why be so close sometimes has its drawbacks Regards
  16. The giant grouper Epinephelus itajara, also known goliath grouper. It is a delight for photography, although its size imposesrespect. Probably this species is the largest bony fish that can see Jardines de la Reina and there are of up to two meters half. Hope you like it. Regards
  17. A moment of Jardines de la Reina I'll remember forever. Jump in the water and watch these two sharks swimming was an indelible moment. It's those memories that are well above the picture. Just wanted to share
  18. Lionfish is in all places Caribbean sea now. It's a nightmare.
  19. We go out specifically looking for crocs with snorkel between shark dives. Thank you
  20. All year it's good. I hope come back in April, June & November Kind Regards
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