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  1. Hi, I need information about the extension for a 230 mm dome. I am currently equipped with a WACP on my Nauticam subwoofer for my Nikon D850. I would like to equip me with a dome 230 from Zen or Saga Dive for my Nikon 16-35 and my Sigma 15. In the Zen charter, the extension recommended for the 16-35 is 90 as in Nauticam. In his test on the D850, Jack Connick used a Saga dome of 230 with a 70mm extension. is there a big difference between these different domes so that the necessary extension is so different? Thanks for your feed-back
  2. Hi Pavel, I think I was wrong in the reference I gave you, because I have simple fibers (see photo) and not doubles.they were sold to me be Nauticam brand. But these are not the ones that would be advocated by Nauticam. But I think seriously that I must change them. in any case thank you very much for the help provided.
  3. Hi Pavel and thank you for your answer which was very helpful. Rotary switch on board: Actually with my bad English I did not correctly understand this information on the user manual of the TTL card. It works much better like that ! LED lights up green. Switching TTL/M by Nikon camera menu: I programmed the sync speed to 1/200 without the FP. Moreover I tell myself that I should program a custom mode for the underwater photo. That makes me change the camera body program all the time. Fiber optical cables: I think for this point I have a little problem. When I bought the whole from my dealer, I asked him the reference # 26221, without knowing that there was a specific reference # 26216, for this type of card. Visibly him either. Is this very important? does it change the management of the information transmitted / received by the camera body and the flashes? Inon Z-240 initial settings: The magnet is in the low position. In the first few tests I just did everything seems to work fine, even though I do not really see the influence of the TTL correction setting on the pictures. I will have to try this weekend under the water, to get a good idea of how it works. But are fiber optic cables (if the ones I have are not right reference ...) can have a bad influence on the TTL correction? Thanks again for this precious help !
  4. Hi everybody I would like to contact you about this discussion because I have some usage problem that resembles JohnVila's. I had a set consisting of a Nikon D7000 in a Hugyfot housing with two Inon Z-240 flashes. I said that I had never encountered any problems related to flashes with this configuration. Since June of this year, I switched to a Nikon D850 in a Nauticam housing with the same two Inon flashes. I changed when buying the two optical fibers and the original manual card, by a Nauticam TTL card and Nauticam fiber optics. In general, like JohnVila, I have the impression that I can not control the power of the flashes with the left selector of the Inon flashes. but especially it seems to me that one of my flashes illuminates almost nothing compared to the other. Before performing the different tests listed earlier in the discussion, I would like some precission on the TTL card. When I bought Nauticam Switzerland was out of stock and I had to wait a month and a half to receive it. This card is different from the one I saw in the photo on the web. I am not the selector (red piece) in the center of the card. Is this a new version? Thank you in advance for any useful information that could be communicated to me to solve my problem. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Laurent. I have been interested for a long time in the different topics on Wetpixel. I am passionate about nature photography in general and more specifically about wildlife photography and underwater photography. I apologize in advance if sometimes my english is not very correct. I look forward to discovering and learning many interesting things in the course of discussions. Have a nice day. Bye
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