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  1. @joern_k I do like the converter and the images are pretty decent but to be honest I almost never use it because putting it together in my ikelite housing is such a pain in the ass. The setup is wide enough that it doesn't fit right through the housing so I have to assemble it piece by piece. Body with 28mm into the housing, then have to seperate my extension tube from my dome port, put that on, then the converter, then screw my dome port back on. The tube and the dome are pretty tight so it takes two people to actually set it up. This is obviously an ikelite issue and not a sony issue so if you have a different housing setup then I'd say go for it! I don't have any issues with focus, the 28mm isn't particularly slow and I didn't notice it being any different with the fisheye converter attached. :)
  2. Thank you! I ended up buying the fisheye converter right before moving so I've got it but haven't tried it in the housing yet. Ikelite is a bit of a pain to put together but I'll test it out soon enough.
  3. I'm thinking of buying the fisheye converter. I'm already using the 28mm with the Ikelite 8in dome port but I'm seeing the converter has a built in petal hood. Is this weird inside the dome port that already has a hood or does it not affect it at all? Has anyone used this setup and had good results? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm a Canadian/American photographer who just got into underwater photography this year. I shoot with a Sony a7 with a 90mm macro and a 28mm wide angle in my Ikelite housing. Maryanne photographymw.com
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