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  1. My personal Canon 5Ds camera and Seacam housing for sale. Used as primary underwater system in 2016 and 2017, largely untouched since then. S6 bulkhead connectors. Great files from the 5Ds … terrific detail. $2,000.
  2. I’ve recently noticed a Sea of SEACAM Silver In my camera closet. Hoping to find them a new home. To make it easy, any housing $500. Tokina 10-17 with Seacam zoom gear $325. All pristine. Domestic USA sales only. Seacam for canon 5dmk2 Seacam for Canon EOS 1DX/C Seacam for Canon EOS 1Dmk3 Tokina 10-17, Canon mount
  3. Sold. Thanks. Glad to see it getting more use in the future!
  4. Now sold. Thanks to all who inquired.
  5. SEACAM housing. Lightly (possibly never) used housing for Canon 5DMKII. Selling for a friend who isn't diving anymore. Pristine housing for a very righteous price at $600.
  6. Still available. Price reduced to $650.00
  7. Selling for a friend, a very lightly used SEACAM housing for Sony A7r2. $900. Ports and various SEACAM accessories available separately as well. info@stephenfrink.com
  8. In addition to the ones I use, I find I still have 5 SEACAM S180 viewfinders. One is brand new, one is version 2.0 (with the O-ring sealed glass covering the rear of the viewfinder to prevent flooding viewfinder in the unlikely event housing floods or it is dropped in the water), and three are the original version of the S180 viewfinder with the +/- 3 diopter correction built-in. Priced for expedient sale: New style S180 - $1000 Version 2.0 S180 - $850 Version 1.0 S180 - $700 info@stephenfrink.com
  9. Some of you may recall I was for decades the North American distributor for SEACAM. When my staff retired I resigned from that role, but remain very close to my SEACAM pals. This to explain why I have what I have for sale. I just now started to look through old inventory and found these. The S180 viewfinders with the +\- 3 diopter correction. My personally preferred version of this viewfinder. 4 for sale at $950 each. There’s a lot of cool stuff in these boxes I’ve now discovered. I’ll post gems now and then as I get around to it.
  10. I’m selling these for a friend, but I know they have been rarely used. 2 SEACAM Seaflash 150d, 4 batteries, 3 cords, 2 diffusers, 2 chargers. Canon software, S6 cords. Selling as complete set for $2450. sf@stephenfrink.com
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