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  1. -Canon 5D MK3 -canon battery x2 -Canon lens 8-15mm f/4L fish eye ( this lens has a small scratch may show depending on light) -Canon lens 50mm -Ikelite underwater housing -ZEN 230mmSuperdome Dome Port -nauticam stardard clamp x4 -ultralight 8 inch double ball arm segment x2 -ultralight base adapter for ikelite x2 -ikelite portbody modular 4.25-inch lens extension -Xit 404 tripod bracket -Xit 404Twist ClampTripod Leg x3 -Backskatter Airlock Vacumm System with Manual valve -Keldan 4x FLUX 8000 lumen video light x2 -keldan battery x5 Items are used but in very good condition. retail price ads up to over $13,000 Selling price without keldan lights: $5,000 Selling price with keldan lights: $7,000 items do not sell separated.
  2. hi im a photographer and guide in baja mexico trying to sell some gear
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