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  1. Thanks TimG, is there a place to get second hand housings? Doubtful there would be Subal housings for D500, but..?
  2. Hello all! Looking for advice from anyone who has, or has had, a housing for a D500. Nauticam, Sea & Sea, Aquatica... these are all fairly similar in price and I don't see too many differences. Then there's Subal... why so expensive? Is it worth it? Unfortunately I'm not able to get my hands on anything anytime soon, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Corey
  3. Hi there, I'm Corey. I'm a PADI dive instructor who has a passion for u/w photography. I currently have a compact setup (RX100 II) and I recently got a Nikon d500. Still need a housing and am toying with the idea of getting one second hand..? So I'll be checking back regularly for gear chats! Cheers, Corey
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