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  1. All my equipment has been sold. Thanks so much for your support. Happy diving and photographing!
  2. Hi Folks, My equipment has been serviced and repaired (the dome port had a scratch, so I had the glass replaced) by Ikelite and is ready for purchase! I'm willing to sell the the following (scroll up for pictures of everything): Housing and dome port: $1,400 non-negotiable 2 Ikelite DS161 Strobes on Ikelite Ball Arm Mark II (minus batteries) plus Ikelite Housing to 2-Ikelite Sync Cord $1565 non-negotiable Pelican M2750 Storm Case $300 Cheers, Sandy
  3. Personally, I used two empty 500ml water bottles which my husband suggested for my DS161s. Upon entry into the water, I would fill them with water for the descent, and then turn them upside down and fill them with air using my regulator. It was very easy to regulate the amount of air needed: too much air, squeeze the bottle a little until a few bubbles come out; not enough, flow some more into the bottle with the regulator. This worked really well for getting the strobes completely neutral for free while reusing the plastic bottles and adding no weight when the kit wasn't in the water. It does look kind of silly, but hey, it worked...
  4. Hey Paul, The potential buyer who was interested in the housing and dome port ended up purchasing a new kit. As I said, the entire kit (including strobes) is at Ikelite for testing/servicing which will take up to four weeks. As soon as I have the verification of the equipment, I'll post on here again. If you're based in South Africa (as was I, but I took it to the U.S. while on vacation and sent it to Ikelite for servicing/testing for cheaper transport costs) and still interested then, we can discuss the issue then. I'm not sure if customs will charge a lot to ship it back into the country even though it went out of the country without issue as luggage... Cheers, Sandy
  5. Hi Paul, The kit is currently in the U.S. being tested and verified by Ikelite. I have an interested buyer for the housing and dome port in the U.S. which I'll follow up on before discussing the sale of the entire kit. Cheers, Sandy
  6. Nevermind - I figured it out. If I reply to the post using the box at the top, attachments can be added. If replying using the box at the bottom of the post, no attachments can be added.
  7. Very weird - if I use the reply button at the top of this thread, I can attach photos. But if I try to reply in the box at the bottom, I don't have the attachment option. Anyway, here are the photos...
  8. For some reason, my attachments aren't working . I can send photos to anyone interested to see the equipment while I try to figure out what's up with my attachments.
  9. Finally have the chance to post the photos. I'm willing to sell the entire kit for $3500 (obo) or I can lower the price if the camera and lens are not needed (have a potential buyer for the lens) or the strobes aren't needed (couple offers on the strobes).
  10. Hi Everyone, I want to sell my full Nikon D610 underwater photography kit because it's just too heavy for me. I've struggled to use it for a couple years (and taken some nice photos in the process), but I'm at the age and physical level that I don't want to hassle with it and moved to something smaller and more manageable for me. Here's the list of items with the prices I'm asking (ono): Nikon D610 $1,000 Sigma 15mm f2.8 EX Diagonal Fisheye Lens $400 Ikelite Housing to 2-Ikelite Sync Cord $90 Ikelite 8" Dome Port $300 Ikelite Housing for Nikon D610 $1,100 2 Ikelite DS161 Strobes on Ikelite Ball Arm Mark II (minus batteries) R1,475 Can include a Pelican Storm Case that holds the entire kit $300 I'll post pictures of the gear this afternoon. I currently live in South Africa, but I am coming to the U.S. for a visit. If someone from the U.S. is interested to buy it, I can bring it with me for shipment from within the U.S. If you're interested, send me an email at sandy.youngkrantz@gmail.com
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm Sandy from the US (but a permanent resident of South Africa after marrying my South African husband). I joined the forum at the suggestion of an underwater photographer here in South Africa because I want to sell some of my underwater photography gear. But I saw the section on help with improving our underwater photography, so now I'm psyched to delve into that! Look forward to learning from you guys and enjoying your photos/stories/recommendations/hints. Cheers, Sandy
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