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  1. Also curious bout this. Would this be an alternative to Canon EF 8-15?
  2. Unscrew the cap partially, grab the body and push down against a table. Then you can unscrew the cap and pull the lid. Same for getting the lid of once it's on the strobe (be careful not to damage the o-rings). Eventually it becomes easier.
  3. I have two Retra strobes, but i would prefer not to have to adjust each strobe. Sometimes you don't want to jerk the rig around while shooting a skittish creature
  4. How do people quickly change their manual flash power? I'm using a Canon R5 in a Nauticam house, the strobe is set to TTL and the camera is set to manual, which allows me to change the power setting using the camera. However, Canon had a clunky way of doing those, requiring that i enter the flash settings menu (i have customized a button to enter this menu), then select the flash power and finally adjust it. I would love to have a button to either enter the power adjustment, or a dial to change directly. How do you adjust your flash power setting?
  5. I have had two issue with my R5. if I close the NA-R5 house with the on/off switch set to on and with the camera set to off, I can not engage the switch. Only solution is open the house and set both switches in the same position. Really annoying. If I dive in cold water (6° C / 43° F) for 40+ min the camera will start acting up - quickly changing ISO, flash settings etc. Solution is to restart camera, reset the settings. This work for 1-2 pictures and then the same thing happens again. I started seeing this after the latest FW (1.3.1). As for focus, I can't say I have noticed that focus is bad, I think it works very well. But I'm coming from a Olympus OM-D E-M5 II where autofocus was slow and hit/miss, so the canon is much better compared to that.
  6. I'm using the R5 - almost exclusive macro so far although I have a dome & 8-15. Since I have not used it WA yet I might tweak my setup but below are my settings. It was inspired by Bluewater Photo article on settings (https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/canon-eos-r5-r6-underwater-settings) and other sources. If I were to setup for sharks I would probabaly create a new custom mode (C2) and increase drive speed. Canon EOS R5 settings for Nauticam NA-R5 house Manual mode (M) / Aperture Priority mode (Av) Set camera to manual mode Set the following in menu (only deviations from default documented) SHOOT1 Set SET-UP1/Record func+card/folder sel. Before this one Store CRAW on card 1 Store JPEG (fine/L) on card 2 SHOOT2 ISO Speed settings Auto range: 100-12800 Min. shutter speed: Auto Highlight tone priority: D+ External speedlite control Flash firing: enable Slow synchro: 1/200-1/60sec. auto SHOOT3 Picture style: standard Standard: strength: 5 Lens aberration correction Distortion correction: on Digital lens correction: standard SHOOT4 Long exp. Noise reduction: Auto SHOOT6 Shutter mode: mechanical Release shutter without card: off SHOOT7 Image review Review duration: 4 sec Metering time: 8 sec Shooting info disp. Screen info settings Disable all but 1 and 3 1: enable top/bottom, histogram 3: enable all VF info/toggle settings Disable 1 2: enable detailed shooting info (left/right), histogram 3: enable all Grid display: 3x3 AF1 AF operation: servo AF method: AF square (1-point AF) Subject to detect: People AF2 MF peaking setting Peaking: on Level: high Focus guide: on AF4 Lens electronic MF: One-shot -> enable (magnify) Limit AF methods: face tracking, Spot AF – optionally: expand AF area (around), Zone AF AF method selection control: M-Fn AF5 Initial servo AF pt for face: Initial AF pt set for face PLAY5 Playback information display: 1 – 7, 9 – 10 Highlight alert: enable AF point disp.: enable Playback grid: 3x3 NETWORK1 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection: Mobile (Oneplus A6003), Computer (STEFAN-ASUS) Airplane mode: off (set last) Wi-Fi settings: enable Bluetooth settings: enable Nickname: EOSR5_Ekman GPS device settings Select GPS device: smartphone SET-UP1 Record func+card/folder sel. Rec options: Rec. separately – note: this enables SHOOT1/Image quality/separate cards SET-UP2 Video system: PAL Beep: disable Power savings: display off: 1 min auto power off: 3 min viewfinder off: 1 min SET-UP3 Viewfinder brightness: auto SET-UP4 Multi function lock: only touch and control ring SET-UP5 Custom shooting mode (C1-C3) Auto update set.: Enable Battery info: register all batteries Copyright information Author: email address Copyright details: email address C.Fn2 AE lock meter. Mode after focus: evaluative, spot Restrict shooting modes: On Press Q to set modes: P, Av, M, Bulb, C1, C2 C.Fn3 Customize buttons – stills/movies Shutter: * - AE lock (while button pressed) AF-ON: Metering and AF start AE lock button (*): Eye Detection AF AF point button: Direct AF method selection LCD panel illumination button: Maximize screen brightness (temp) (stills/movie) Multi-controller: Direct AF point selection (stills/movie) Customize dials Main dial: Av Quick Control Dial 1: Tv Control ring: exposure comp. (hold meter. Btn) MY MENU 3 x Add My Menu tab Menu display: From MY MENU tab *Shoot (MY MENU1) Configure – rename tab to: *Shoot Configure – select items to register Subject to detect External Speedlite control White balance Custom White Balance *Prepare (MY MENU2) Configure – rename tab: *Prepare Configure – select items to register Record func+card/folder sel. Format card *Postpare (MY MENU3) Configure – rename tab: *Postpare Configure – select items to register Wi-Fi settings Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection Airplane mode Q Drive mode: slow speed continous Custom mode 1 (C1 manual) Set camera to manual mode (M) Save to C1 Enter C1 and set the values below Save to C1 (if not auto save is enabled) SHOOT2 Auto Lightning Optimizer: Off Highlight tone priority: off SHOOT4 Long exp. Noise reduction: off SHOOT7 Expo. Simulation: Disable AF1 Subject to detect: Animal AF2 AF-assist beam firing: off AF3 Servo AF case: 2 SET-UP5 Custom shooting mode (c1-C3): Auto update set.: Enable C.Fn3 Customize buttons – stills/movies AE lock button: Flash function settings DOF preview button: Eye Detection AF M-Fn: still <-> movie switching Customize dials Control ring: Select AF method or Flash exp comp (hold meter btn) C.Fn4 Retract lens on power off: Off Shooting mode Shutter: 1/250 F-stop: F9.0 ISO: 100
  7. Spent the weekend diving in somewhat cold water (6° C) and about 40-50 min into the dive the ISO and Flash settings started to act up. I would change from ISO 100 to Auto 3200 - 6400, jumping between values like a pinball machine, also the flash compensation would shown on LCD (+/- 0) and opening the Flash function settings menu would show either Manual (grayed out), ETTL, or MULTI/Ext. A. If I tried taking a picture, the flash would either not sync correctly, or would be overexposed (I guess auto ISO at 3200 would do that). My setting was manual (1/200, f20), ISO 100, no TTL (manual). Anyone else seen something similar? Camera is at FW v1.3.1.
  8. Any new status on the firmware update? The new season is starting...
  9. Just came back from one week in Hurghada / Red Sea, so here is quick summary. TL;DR: They are even better than I had hoped! Build Quality They are built like the proverbial tank and feel solid and professional. The battery compartment has the polarity of the batteries clearly marked and as with most gadgets you have to insert them in alternate positions (it would have been nice if the two middle batteries had the same polarity and the end batteries opposite, as it would make it easier to remember and same regardless if the strobe is up or down). I like that the screw to the battery hatch engage before the o-ring make contact. Handling Buttons have clear and distinct positions and feel. After a couple of hours, you no longer look at the strobe, but do everything by touch. I also like that the focus light start at the weak level. In most cases a quick click on one strobe is enough to get the camera to focus. I appreciate that there are no quirks that you need to learn – it always behaves as you would expect it to. Everything seem well thought out. Power I could easily go three or four dives (each 60+ minutes) without having to recharge the batteries. I might be able to do this with my old strobes (Inon and Sea&Sea) but would never dare – I hate to have to stop taking pictures in a middle of a dive. With the Retra you can quickly see the current battery status. I did not think that would be as useful as it turned out. Now I know if the batteries will last for a full dive. Flash The strobes have plenty of power. I tend to do mostly macro so I usually had the strobes on lowest setting. Never once did I have to go to full power, even when taking wide-angle landscape directly against the sun. These are the first strobes that delivery all the light I need and then some. Power is easy to control using manual setting and it became easy to get the setting right on the first try after a couple of dives. The bad (for now) I did not manage to get TTL working with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 II. Probably a pre-flash timing issue with the specific Olympus camera model as the Strobes fire but the picture is dark. I understand Retra is currently working on fixing this (they have been very responsive when I sent emails on this and were already aware of this issue). Btw, this is not a problem unique to Retra, my Sea&sea have always been finicky to get the TTL to work - I can't use the highest power setting and TTL at the same time. Conclusion This is by far the best strobe I have used, and I have no doubt I will be using it for a long time. Plenty of power, easy to understand and use. It gets out of the way and allow me to focus on taking pictures. Anyone wants to buy a couple of Inon D2000 and Seas&Sea YS-D2?
  10. As I understand it: 1. You ordered the strobes early and got the big discount. This was when the strobes were being developed and long before production would start 2. You booked a trip before shipment had started based on the dates provided. Dates that had been moved a couple of times. Courageous, but perhaps not so smart. 3. The dates slips again and you continue sending mail with complaints. This is in a situation were the guys at Retra is probably working 12-15 hour days dealing with all the minutiae of getting the stuff manufactured, tested and delivered. Hardly productive. 4. Retra don't see any way of deliver to your expectations, so the best from their point of view is to terminate the deal. I can understand that you are frustrated, but so are the Retra guys. They are trying to deliver, but there are thousand of small and big things to fix and get the product delivered. They are not trying to screw with you. So while the information could be better (communication is the hardest of all tasks), I see no indication that they are not doing their best to deliver. You complaining about it does not change the delivery date. What are you trying to achieve with all this? What is the goal? If you still want the strobes, you are not making a very good case for yourselves. Have look at notalwaysright.com
  11. Frustrating to be sure. But on the other hand, not sure why you made promises on delivery dates on a product you have no control of, a product that is being developed. I understand you want to keep your customer happy and that shows good commitment on your part, but you should either have made it very clear to the customer from the start that this product is being developed and dates will move - a lot - or refused to take the order if the customer showed no understanding on the implications of this. There are other products that could have been sold if dates needed to be kept. To be blunt (but I don't mean to be insulting), you should not try to shift the blame of your broken promises to Retra.
  12. Allen, no sure what you are trying to achieve... I understand your frustration, and you seem to have made promises to your customer based on the information you have received. But at the end of the day, this is a new product created by a small team. They have tried to keep the community updated (not perfectly, but I suspect that they kept their heads down trying to deliver, and sometimes there is a bit of time between updates, nonetheless they have build loyalty among the most us by being transparent). I would have been very surprised if they had managed to deliver on time considering all the trimming of the manufacturing process required, not to mention possible design tweaks. The focus seem to be the delivery of a quality product, rather than meeting a fixed date. And most of us support that. For myself I have an expensive trip coming up and it's going to be very close for me - but I still support quality over dates.
  13. Thanks for the info Oskar! It sucks that it takes time - but I understand that it's easy to underestimate development and production time. All the little details... But it would suck even more if the strobes does not work. Especially if there are issues during a dive trip. That can really ruin your day and entire trip. So of the two, I'll take the delay every time over quality issues.
  14. Hello, just joined (duh!). Been diving for more than 32 years, photographing for approx 16 year. Still feel like a beginner.
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