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  1. I am considering buying an EX25 macro extension tube for use with my 50 mm macro lens to enable me to achieve 1:1 macro. Does anyone already use this combination, what is the DOF like, is it difficult to focus, etc? Any input would be appreciated. I use an Olynpus E30 with Ikelite housing etc.
  2. I own an Olympus E330 in an Ikelite housing and Ikelite DS125 strobe. I usually use auto white balance but as I think the Ikelite light source is 4800 kelvin or there abouts is it better to set the balance to that in the camera?
  3. Unfortunately this cameras Live Preview only works in B Mode which is only really of any use on a tripod. The E330 is still the only affordable u/w camera with live preview. I'm not including the new Canon because who can actually afford one?
  4. I own an Olympus 7070 which I use in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite strobe. When shooting macro or at least close focus I also use an Inon macro lens. My problem is that I am gwtting shadows in the bottom corner of my shots. Anybody no for sure what the cause of this is and the solution?
  5. The main problem is that the tendency push the shutter through the green light which indicates focus is achieved no matter whether the subject has a lot of contrast or not.
  6. Doesn't anybody have anything to say about this or does nobody have this problem/camera?
  7. I have just bought an OlyC7070W and Ikelite housing and am having problems with focusing. Here in South Africa we experience a lot of surge and focusing is a problem in particular when using one hand for the camera. The tendancy is to press through the focus point. Does anyone have any advice. Is there a modification for the housing (Ike)?
  8. After some days off contact with Ike I have finally discovered that the following works on land - Aperture priority F5.6 slave switch to the right and +2 on the internal flash. I hope to jump in our pool this evening and see if that works otherwise I will try it when I dive tomorrow morning. The strange thing is that i have tried similar settings only to find that in a series of 5 or 6 shots no 2 are exposed the same!!! By the way I have my doubts that these settings will work underwater.
  9. Same problem as last time. I use an Oly C4000z with PT10 housing. I recently bought an Ikelite DS50 strobe with TTL slave. No matter what I try and I've tried all the advice posted here before, my shots come out under exposed. Does anybody own the same set up, what do you do, any further specific advice would help.
  10. I have tried shooting with only the internal strobe as a guide and have found that the most improvement is with the control in the slave to the left and the diffuser on the housing blanked off. It is a big improvement but I will have to go diving to see if it really works. I have also tried shooting in manual, at the settings suggested, but it wasn't as good. Any further suggestions? I am unable for some reason to be able to point the slave back very far. Is it possible to change the way it is orientated to its clamp?
  11. I recently bought an Ikalite Ds50, TTL slave with arm and tray kit to use with my Oly c4000z in an Oly housing. I am constantly under exposing my shots. I have tried various solutions including blanking off the diffuser on the housing, increasing the internal strobe power by 1 and facing the slave to the rear but I have the same problem. Does anyone have any step by step suggestions. I am shooting in programme and TTL. As I am going to the Red Sea in July I need help and fairly quickly!
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