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  1. Oké you made your point, with faster moving subjects like Sharks a zoomlens can be handy. In the murky waters were I have to take my pictures, the subject are much more close by and don’t move that fast. A fast lens in the way of catching light is much more important. I also own the 14-24 from Nikon, but beside the problems of a good matching dome the lens is heavy, and very expensive. With the 20mm I am very satisfied and I was just wondering why nobody finds a fixed wide angle lens a good alternative?
  2. Sometimes I wonder why everybody only take wide angle zoom lenses in consideration and completely forget there are beautiful wide-angle lenses? In this situation I would buy the Sigma 1.8 - 20 mm! Cheaper, Sharper, 1.8! and who has the time to zoom in this kind of situations? No kidding, I use the lens on my D700 and I love it. The minimal focus distance is also perfect, so for underwater use, just what you want. I simply don’t know why wide angle “zoom” lenses with the little zoom capacity of 2 a so popular? Ron.
  3. For me the advantage of a 45 degree viewfinder is obvious. Foremost in our murky waters where you have to keep yourself clear of the bottom. Also if you want to catch some daylight in your pictures you have to put your camera as near to the bottom as possible and point your camera a little bit to the surface. Without a 45 degree viewfinder this is very hard to do, so it almost made me decide not to buy an Aquatica house because they haven’t got one. Lucky for me, Cor is very handy and made a modification on a standard Inon Viewfinder. Cor did a very good job and it fits perfectly on the Aquatica house. Thanks Cor!
  4. Hi Karin, I’m still waiting for that superdome. In the meanwhile I am using the 6 inch. That dome isn’t perfect off course with the 14-24, but not bad either. Ron.
  5. A friend of mine bought an Ikelite house for his new D700. He had already houses for the D100 and D200. He also bought the 15 mm Sigma and sold his 10,5. He was surprised to have considerable vigneting with the 8inch dome. He complained trough his dealer to Ikelite. The solution from Ikelite was that they shall mention it on the portlist in the future LOL! That is why I bought an Aquatica house. No problems with vigneting. Not even with the 6 inch dome. Ron.
  6. It does! That is not the problem I have a D700 and I bought a Aquatica house with Ikelite TTL bulkhead. When I connect my Ikelite DS125 flash (manual preset) everything works fine, but after a while (5 minutes or a hour) the flash begins to flash uncontrollable without me touching the camera. When I quickly shut down the flash and activate it a short while later it does not respond anymore. I thought it had something to do with not having a ttl circuit?
  7. Hi Jacob What is the consequence if you use a TTL bulkhead, without a ttl circuit, and the flash preset on manual? Ron O
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