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  1. I will crop just about every shot. But this is by design because when I take my photos I will get the composition that I want then back up a tiny bit to include a little bit more in the frame. This way I can ensure that in post I can clip to get what I want and that I have everything in the final image.

    I think you will find the same if you speak with most painters; there's always paint under the frame. Just MHO.

  2. I buy everything from the US as the US prices haven't kept up with the drop in the value of the US dollar. Therefore, most things are significantly cheaper (20% or more) even after shipping costs, duty, etc. Most of the time when I have a problem I send it back to the manufacturer (Ikelite) anyway which is back in the US.


    So far, no troubles, except when I brought a car back from the US, but that's another story.

  3. I currently have the Ikelite strobe arm with a single 6" section. It has a 1" ball on both ends. I would like to eventually upgrade to ULCS arms, but for now I would like to add an 8" section and 1 clamp to my strobe arm. Will an ULCS 8" section and clamp work with my existing arms section and clamps or do I need to replace it all now. I am wondering because the Ikelite balls do not have o-rings on them like the ULCS balls.

    Thanks for all the help.

  4. I would assume that the sheathing of the CAT5 is waterproof, so the only problem that you would have would be the ends of the system. One end is out of the water, so shouldn't be a huge problem, however, the end that is connected to the camera has to go through the bulkhead of your housing. You will need to seal this hole extremely well as there will be about 30 psi of pressure on this seal. If it leaks, your cameras are toast. I would do a fair bit of testing with various caulking, sealing materials before putting your cameras in the housing.

  5. actually i wear 5 or 7mm in 30 degree, so you have a way to go to catch me in the wuss factor....


    I don't understand how Mike ever survived in Vancouver :D


    I use a dry suit for any diving around Vancouver Island all year round with various levels of undies depending on water temp.

    Always wear hood and gloves.

  6. I'm going to be boat diving, with my in-laws live aboard sailboat Dec. 25th to Jan. 6th in and around Sidney BC. I'm looking for some suggestions for great sites in that area. I will not be going with a diving company, as we have our own boat and gear. Thanks for all the help.

  7. I am currently looking at buying either the 60mm EF-S or the 100mm EF. I have a 350D and the stock 18-55mm lens. This is housed in an Ikelite housing.


    I would think that the 100mm might be better due to the possibility of using it on full frame cameras in the future. As well, the 60mm is about $150 cheaper.


    Not sure what to buy. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.




  8. I use an Ikelite housing for the Rebel XT, with DS-125 and the stock 18-55 lens. I'll be picking up a 100mm macro at Christmas to add to the mix. I am quite happy with the setup and how easily the eTTL works. The modelling light on the strobe is quite bright as well. I have never felt the need to add additional focusing lighting. However, I'll probably add another DS-125 at some point.

  9. If you guys want to have some real fun with a BMW K1200RS engine you should try out one of the cars shown below. I'm the engineer on a Formula BMW team that runs one of these in the US and they are a blast. Lots of fun and tons of speed. Not bad for $60k. Unfortunately, there's an age limit of 23.


  10. I'm currently debating on whether to take a dive master course in the Perhentians or in Redang (both in peninsular Malyasia). I have heard that Redang is a better dive location, but I can't seem to get any info on reputable dive shops on the island. It seems as though there are only small dive shops at the hotels with no advanced courses available.


    Does anyone have some experience with diving in Redang? If so, is there a local dive shop that you would recommend along with perhaps a website or contact info?



  11. I was looking into rigging up a better system for a pole-cam than using a long cord or bike cable. Keep in mind that this is all for an Ike housing and a Canon 350D.


    I think that I'll try to rig up something similar to the USB connectivity shown on http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/adding-usb-...ur-u-w-housing/, but instead of connecting the USB cord, I would splice in the Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3. You would then need to splice onto an Ike synch cord to plug into the housing bulkhead. But the nice part is that Ike sells 15 ft. synch cord extensions, so you just add in an extension or two to get the length you need. I've attached a drawing of what it would look like.


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