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  1. I sold my housing today, but they didn't need the strobe so I've got one Ikelite DS-125 strobe for sale. Asking $350 and I'll cover shipping. Included is the strobe, battery, diffuser cover, wall charger, international plug adapters, and Ikelite TTL sync cord. Retail pricing for the strobe is $699, sync cord is selling for $99. Specifications from Ikelite: - 300 ft (60 m) depth rating - TTL plus 4 manual power settings - Built-in halogen focus light If you have any questions, please let me know. I only take 1-2 trips per year so the strobe is in great condition with little use. The last picture is only for viewing the TTL cord which I will include with the strobe. The housing is no longer available. Thank you.
  2. The arms and clamps are the only part I would like to keep. I'd hate to sell those first then end up with a camera that I can't use. If I am able to sell the camera and/or strobe, I'll get back to you on the arms and clamps. I'll be sure to keep you posted if I can sell those alone.
  3. I'm hoping to part with this by mid-August so that I can purchase a compact setup. I am willing to split the pieces so if there is a part you are interested in, let me know and I'll be happy to work something out.
  4. Well, my kiddos are getting certified on our next trip so I'm going to downsize to a more compact setup so I have the ability to be more helpful with the kids in the water. My wife will probably appreciate it too as I'm a terrible dive buddy with my face behind the lens all the time. Anyhow, here is my current set up which I am looking to sell. Everything is in great condition. The only missing part is the eyecup from the camera body. I took it off for use in the housing and I've lost it somewhere along the way. Everything else is in great condition. $995 for the items listed below Canon Rebel XSi 450D with 18-55 standard lens 1 Canon Battery with Wall Charger SeaTool Housing (purchased from Reef Photo, MSRP of $2,699) Standard Flat Port for the 18-55 lens Ikelite DS-125 Strobe (plus cable and charger with international plug adapters) From what I have seen, camera is valued around $150 at this time, strobe around $350, and I'm asking $495 for the housing but can't find any of those for comparison. It is definitely a high end and very durable housing which you'll be happy with. I also have an Ultralight Arm System which I'm willing to part with if necessary. But I'd prefer to keep those parts for use with my new set up. First photo shows everything for sale. The setup photo is with the arms and focus light which I will only sell if you really want to get the whole package for immediate use.
  5. Hello from the Midwest. Hello from the Midwest.
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