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  1. I have spent the last few hours reading the archive and researching the HD choices.... I have made the decision to retire my old Quest and go with an entire new system. Since I have HD TV's and monitors, I know I want to go with the A1 (unless someone can come up with a sound logic to go with something else). Once the A1 was chosen, I realized that I always dreamed of an L&M, but after talking to many many people and doing hours of reading..... Amphibico & Gates were back on the radar! While there are many posts about pros, cons, and overall reliability.... I don't feel that I can make a truly informed decision (especially as technology is changing on a daily basis). My use will be both in tech and rec dives..... Mostly for fun ...... but who knows.... The Gates w/ the Squid HID's may be my final choice.... BUT I would love to hear more from those that have been diving the housings and what features are liked / disliked... All posts will be greatly appreciated. While $$$ is always an obstacle, I am trying my best to bite the bullet and just get the right setup. Lastly, any good retailers for the houses (FL or East Coast) would be a help! Thnx! --- D
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