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  1. Yes I have and am looking into Nauticam housings too. I Just thought the Aquatica GH4's looked more rugged and are significantly discounted(at least lately).
  2. Expensive yes like all other alum housings but I see these discounted lately, so I am puzzled as to why and reluctant to commit to buying one(will need to invest on camera, ports, lenses etc..since I'll be moving from a different brand/system). Thanks for the info though. Also one not so good review at this online retailer. That's why I asked.. http://www.housingcamera.com/id3099-aquatica-housing-4-panasonic-gh4.html "Solid but not perfect. Ok... During the first setup of the camera inside of the housing I didn't notice that one of the metallic pins of the ON/OFF selector from the inside of the housing gets against the ON/OFF plastic selector of the camera... long story short... when I open the housing to retrieve the camera I notice I couldn't turn of the camera, the switch leveler of the housing was "like" doing anything... not moving anything at all. So I open the housing and notice that the ON/OFF switch of my camera its broken. The worst of it is that is an error from the factory. "
  3. Hi, I am looking to replace my old Sea & Sea MDX 50D DSLR setup (interesting in buying a used GH4 camera and an Aquatica or Subal housing). Do any of you have any experience with these housings? The Aquatica housings are significantly discounted at some online stores. In looking at various pictures on line, I don't really like the coarse look of the Aquatica housings. Even the buttons and port openings are coated with that paint. Does that seal without issues or hold over time? My Sea & Sea housing has taken a beating from shore diving but still looks pretty good with few scratches(no floods either). I'm also concerned about the latching system being plastic(?). I also came across to this video on YouTube. The Subal housings look better INMO(more polished/refined), but again I've never seen one up close so I can't tell. Any suggestions/ideas would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Blueline
  4. I have a 1.4x Canon teleconverter (haven't used it in a long time) and in manual mode it's useless(only works with AutoFocus. I mostly shoot in manual mode(meaning with a manual focus ring). Was just asking if by inverting the 60mm and attach the teleconverter on the outside, whether it will work. Thanks anyway.
  5. Hmm, I completely forgot about it. I have a Marumi +10 diopter for my GoPro but I think it has a 55mm thread. Will need to look into buying one for the canon 60mm. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I've been shooting video with an older DSLR for a while so have hit a wall as far as getting more magnification from a Canon 60mm. For stills I have used a 1.4X teleconverter and have been thinking to get a reverse macro ring(pretty much flip the 60mm and attach the 1.4X coupler at the end(?)), however, I'm not sure if this will work (plus in manual mode I will need a different focus ring). So before I start forking $ out again, I wanted to ask if anyone has done that or has any ideas? I know I can buy a diopter (Subsee or similar) but have read a +10 would be overkill and a +5 would be more than enough? Basically I need more magnification than what is shown in this video(mostly interested in showing more detail on slow moving subjects(i.e. sea slugs, crustaceans etc..) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iotatWtYFm0 Any info will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. So, I purchased a used Canon 50D body on eBay and installed Magic Lantern to shoot some video(decided to give this a chance instead of selling my setup). I was able to shoot video on my last 3 dives. However one issue, there's no dedicated button for the LiveView/LCD screen on the MDX-40/50D Sea & Sea housing and have no way to turn it on/off while underwater to preserve the battery. I actually have to turn on LV before I place the camera in the housing and begin my dive(camera goes into sleep mode after 20 secs, Magic Lantern has a selection for that). The problem is if I forget to press the shutter button once in a while for the camera to wake up, it powers off after 30 mins. It happened to me once, was too busy fighting waves on a recent shore dive. In addition, is there a way to program a custom key, C1, C2 or function to turn LV on when I power up the camera? I've tried to program C1,C2 per the manual but LV constantly switches off before I save the sequence. I really don't want to add a button to the housing, it might compromise its integrity (actually I was told not even Sea & Sea in the US will do that). Any suggestions/ideas will greatly be appreciated. Here's a short video with the results.. Thank you.
  8. I did talk to ReefPhoto but they did not recommend modifying the housing. My only hope(if this option going to work) is to buy the camera and see if the Liveview can be turned on through a custom setting(i.e. C1, C2). If not, then I'm looking at replacing the housing or going with a mirrorless system(have not decided). Thanks.
  9. So it's been a while since I posted here. I have recently come across Magic Lantern which supposedly enables video on Canon 50D's. I am interested in that DSLR due to having an MDX-40/50D housing, but cannot figure out how to turn on Liveview (there's no dedicated button on the housing for that). Everything else(in theory) should work fine, i.e. with ML the trash button becomes the "new ML menu button" and the Set button(in the round dial) becomes the on/off recording switch. Has anyone played with this option? I see some really nice RAW videos online and am thinking to try it out(only issue is how to turn on LV, unless I can program a custom function and assign a different button to turn on LV?). Any info/ideas would greatly be appreciated. Also, has anyone modified their S&S housings by adding switches/buttons to the acrylic display? Thanks, Blueline.
  10. Thanks Steve! That's what I was thinking, next time I'll be down there for a shore dive, I'll take it to them. I completely forgot about the shutter, plus haven't used it in over a year.
  11. Hello, I have an MDX-40D housing that have not serviced since purchased 3 - 3 1/2 yrs ago. It is stored since last February. I am planning to put it in the water again, so my question is, do the o-rings on the housing need to be replaced(I believe there's one on the back panel, one on top right side.) I usually test at a pool for leaks etc, but want to make sure. Thanks.
  12. More reef scenes, even though some are awesome. Fiji must be great. Overall I like your work. I bought your Reef Life of the Andaman DVD years ago when I was in Phuket. I still enjoy it. Cheers.
  13. The Fla Keys have some world class ship wrecks mainly in Key Largo/Islamorada and Key West (Spiegel Grove, Vandenberg, Duane, Thunderbolt etc..etc.. plus USS Oriskany off Pensacola(where else can you dive an aircraft carrier?)). If you are into diving ship wrecks, FL might be an equal or better destination. I agree, sea life wise, there's no comparison with Indonesia/Red Sea, but every diver is different in what they want to see. Blueline
  14. Either one should be an excellent choice not to be missed (dive there at least once in a lifetime). I did Komodo in Feb last year and ended up to be myself and my dive buddy on the boat (everyone else canceled fearing it was a bad time to go). Couldn't get any better. Also, diving at Horseshoe bay for 2 days with only 3 people in the water was an experience. Snorkeling was also pretty good with decent visibility. Dec-Feb is the best time to dive Horseshoe bay in terms of water temps. Summertime it gets really cold. The north side had so-so visibility with a lot of plankton/marine snow in the water, however, we saw a whale shark by Crystal Rock. I'd say Dec-Feb might provide the best of both worlds (North-South side) at Komodo. As for RA, I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint you either.. D.
  15. Steve, Definitely the large one is the male(they have a longer dorsal fin than the smaller females too). I kept a couple in a reef system for a few years until I had to take down the tank. They are beautiful fish! Their only defense is a slimy substance they excrete which is poisonous to bigger predators/fish. They have no scales and they strictly feed on copepods too.
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