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  1. Kasey, If you sell the housing I am interested in the E20. Please email me in the first instance. Regards Mark mhumpage@aol.com PS I use the Titan setup myself and it is an AWESOME rig.
  2. I would like to add to Todd's post as its the 2 Brits who have unfortunately had to pull out. We have had a pretty rough ride with unforseen family problems this year, including the death of Debs father. I don't need to expand but we cannot go to Port Hardy. We accept the loss of the deposit we have paid and are gutted to be missing such an opportunity. I am sure that you will have no problems in filling the space Todd as this is unique opportunity to dive one of the best places on earth. Mark & Deb
  3. Crikey!!! Does it double up as a recompression chamber? Mark
  4. Sehsuan, don't take it personally. I know the sitaution you were in. I have taught many OW divers in the past & you get caught up in the whole newbie thing. Blame the Instructor! I was just seeing how far I could push you. Call it a fresher experience. Welcome to the underwater world and we look forward to seeing plenty more pics. Don't let my British form of wit put you off. Mark
  5. Yeah, there's a book called 'personal conscience' I saw somewhere. Try giving that a good read, if you can find it.
  6. Feeding fish & man-handling....Ooh dear.
  7. If you don't have the software & desperate to produce a movie file email the file to me & I will convert if for you. PM me to get my email address. Mark
  8. Yes I wish these reporters would get their facts right. Crikey, we'll be breathing oxygen and using flippers next!!!
  9. Does the camera store the image as an .avi file or .Mpeg? If it is mpeg then it will already be compressed. An .avi file is generally uncompressed. In any event both types of file size can be huge and not to user friendly in terms of sharing via the web etc. Unfortunately, reducing the file size of either or any type of movie file is not as easy as picture compression, where you simply save the image as a compressed file such as Jpeg and control the level of compression. What you will need is some video editing software that enables you to capture and compress the file with a suitable codec. Software packages generally bundle loads of codecs (or compression agents) with them for you to use. Hope this helps. Mark
  10. This must get the 'most ironical headline'award for this year. http://www.cdnn.info/industry/i030317a/i030317a.html Mark
  11. A bit of work and it can look better. Definitely invest in a strobe. The difference will be amazing. Also try playing with the manual settings. The problem with auto in low light situations is that the camera will almost always try to open the aperture right up to get more light in, hence the F2.8. Mark
  12. PS UWnewbie, I see Colorado has had 2ft of snow today!!!! Geeez. Is that normal???? Mark
  13. You will be lucky to get camera flood cover through HOI. My gear is covered through HOI for theft insitu or in transit, which is the important factor. If you are unlucky enough to flood, its that darn garden pond tale again. Mark
  14. I try to imagine how many trips I could be doing/year if I never had kids. :freak: Be nearly as many as Bob. I wonder if he'll slow down with his 2nd about to drop.
  15. Do I detect a hint of jealousy there Todd?
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