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  1. Bart, Thanks for posting the update. If anyone is interested in reading the paper, I can send them a copy. Just message me here. Emily
  2. Wow, that is a neat looking goby! I haven't seen any, but I will keep an eye out
  3. Bart, Yes, it does appear to be a goby! I emailed Sergey Bogorodsky after finding this thread. He is in the process of describing this new species, so he asked if I would like to collaborate and collect some more. I am planning on going out in October to try and find some more of the little guys. Back in May, I found them in a coral rubble patch at around 15m depth near these coordinates (22° 13.6558 N, 38° 58.1853 E) I am doing my MS thesis on microhabitat association of cryptobenthic gobies, so I was out collecting a whole bunch of them. I am definitely interesting in increasing the knowledge of goby biodiversity! Emily
  4. Sorry to jump onto an old post, but I actually caught 2 of these guys while doing some fish sampling in the central Red Sea. I have been searching and searching for what they could be, when I stumbled upon this post. I was wondering if you ever found out any more information on them or what species they might be. Here is a link to the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/xLsPn Thank you!
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