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  1. Thanks guys! I like to ID my fish in my photos and for the life of me could not figure them out! Thanks! Bill
  2. Can you help me? I took this photo a couple of weeks ago at the Tumbled Rocks site at Boynton Beach Fl. I know that one fish is a Barred Hamlet, but I do not know what the smaller fish are. One maybe a Redband parrotfish? I would appreciate any help!!! Thanks Bill
  3. Thanks! Any companies that you would especially suggest that we use? I would really like a place that I do not nead to haul my gear everyday.... and whose dive boat is set up for cameras (a camera only tank... and a table). It sounds like I can't go wrong with either Grand or Little... Thanks again! Bill
  4. Howdy. I am looking to head down to the Caymans in a few months. Has anyone been there that can give me some suggestions? I have heard that Little Cayman is the best spot… what do you think? What are the pros and cons? Are there any dive operators and accommodations that you would suggest? I am going with someone else… we are both advanced divers and my main agenda is photography. Thanks in advance! Bill
  5. I went to Moorea a few years back. When I was there I did not dive though. BUT it is easily accessible from the mainland by a ferry and is a very pretty spot. BUT there is still a heavy French influence and lots of French people there. That maybe desirable for ya… or it may not! Good luck!
  6. Hello I am heading to Eilat and will do some diving (as part of another trip). I have 1 day then 1 day with other plans then 6 days to dive. Have you been there? What dive company would you recommend? Any specific dive sites I should not miss? Also, and CHEAP places to stay? The only thing that I care about in accomidation is that there is a place to secure my camera gear. My agenda is photography. Big critters are cool, but I really like macro stuff… I guess what it really comes down to is I would like to see some stuff that is more unique to that area. Anything else I should know? Thanks in advance! Bill
  7. Howdy I would like to know more about the 6807.1 iTTL housing. What kind of condition it it in? What was wrong that it was sent in? Also, how old is it? Are you calso selling srobes? If you could email me at NPSParkRanger@hotmail.com with you number, I wouldlike to talk to you about the housing. I will be back in town on Thur night and can call you Fri (or whenever is good for you). Thanks! Bill
  8. Hello I would like the Ikelite 5503.55 Dome for Nikon 18-70mm kit lens. BUT I will be leaveing Monday and not return till Thurs night. Would you please send me your phone number at NPSParkRanger@hotmail.com so we can work out payment? I'll call you Friday. Thanks! Bill
  9. Hey - I just wanted to make sure that you got my last email... I have not heard back from you. When you get a chance please mail me at NPSParkRanger@hotmail.com. If possible, would you send me your phone number so we can chat about the strobes? Thanks Bill
  10. Hello Is this still avalable? If so... how much would one strobe be with the extra batter/charger? Thanks! Bill
  11. Hello I am looking for a used Ikelite housing for a D70 and strobe(s). Please let me know what you have, the condition and how much you would like for it. Please email me directly at NPSParkRanger@hotmail.com Thanks heaps! Bill
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