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  1. I have been using the Turtle TTL trigger for A7RIII for a year with Inon z-330s at 1/250, no problem. Bumbi
  2. Hi Davec1302, I use with 7rIII. It's not just perfect in TTL and Man, but also pretty
  3. I think Nikkor AF-D lens can not be used because it's a big change in size. Only Nikkor AF-S lens with a small change in length.
  4. Fullframe Nikon AF-s 60mm only "Full-frame shooters will get optimal results at F16 or higher."
  5. Unfortunately, with Sony 50mm macro will not work, not internal focus. But the reduced 110° FOV with the Sony 90mm macro? Bumbi
  6. There is no suggestion for Sony and Canon full frame https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hhsQB4t2e1i-smf2mCNkj3DzIAoEgRIH/view
  7. The size of A7 III is exactly the same as A7 RIII. But it does not match the A7 II.
  8. Unfortunately, the house of the A7II is certain that it will not be good for the A7III due to the different sizes and the missing joystick
  9. I think the A7 III and the A7R III should have the same housing as the other housing for A9.
  10. and more: The guide number has a unit of measurement: for distance. Feet or meter. Manufacturers do not even say it, but it's a mistake because it's not 33 feet or 33 meter. The guide numbers of the flashes in the article are given in feet. Bumbi
  11. Adam! 1 Joule is correctly equal to 1 Ws and not 1W / s Bumbi
  12. Hi there, Do you have any experience with Sony FF/28-70 with WWL-1? Or we have to wait for WACP. Ryan? Thanks Bumbi
  13. In the quotation article Jeremy Monroe & David Herasimtschuk wrote: The WWL-1 is a wet-connect lens, which makes split shots challenging, but the Reef Photo team helped us find a perfectly sized o-ring that we could place in the wet-connect chamber to keep water sealed in and allow us to capture cleaner split shots.
  14. Hi, Why does Nauticam only recommend Sony to WWL-1? Why not for Nikon, for Canon? Bumbi
  15. Thanks Alex, I'm very interested in this because I want to replace my Nikon Dx / Subal equipment with Sony FF / Nauticam. From the following description, it seems to me that Sony A7RII / A9 + 28mm + flatport + WWL-1 compiles all wide-angle subjects (from CFWA to split images). http://www.nauticam.com/news/freshwaters-illustrated-puerto-ricos-wild-rivers/ This can be solved with DX machines with Tokina 10-17 only with two different size doms. For FF it has not been a good solution to CFWA. Now it looks like Nauticam has solved Canon's Nikon’s full-frame machines with WACP. Just the weight and the price ... Hi Bumbi
  16. Hi there. I am a new boy, my question is: I'd love to read a test about the Nauticam Sony A7 II / A9 + 28mm + WWL-1 against WACP, given the price of WWL-1, is one third of WACP. Bumbi
  17. Hi, I'm interested in equipment. My questions: Is the Tokina and the domport without scratches? How many expo are there in the D7200? Bumbi
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