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  1. Hi, must of the Sony Alpha line users know or heard about the problem that there is no way to turn the flash OFF when it is poped up. so until sony is not changing the software / menu and add the point flash OFF i just found out that the flash switch in the cam is working with a magnet , there is a small magnet on the little arm of the flash and thats how the cam knows that the flash is poped up. so what i did i added a magnet to the backdoor of my meikon/neewer housing , by sliding the magnet i can switch now my flash OFF even when it is poped up. ist not the super pro solution but it works fine and costs ~20€. i made a little video about it ( YT: Sony A6000 - divespotchecker ) , if somebody needs more ideas or help please contact me i tryed to post my Video here or link it but it doesn t work , i hope it is ok like this best regards gernot ak divespotchecker.de
  2. Hi there, my name is gernot and i m from germany. i m always looking for help to get a better underwater photographer. i love traveling and working on my dive and photo gear. i do also test and try a lot to find better solution for my cameras and flashes. hope to find some new friends and buddys here best regards gernot ak divespotchecker.de
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