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  1. great stuff! really nice portraits, you can also get a long flash sync cable made up to slave to a pack or trigger strobes above water, as I have found it looks slightly more natural if you are using a big light source rather than an UW strobe (at least for portraits)


    Thank you. Yeah, I built some custom sync cables to get some distance and more lights for my portraits. I agree, a bigger source of light is much better than an unmodified strobe without any diffusers.


    Waw, Super jolie !


    Very beautiful photo.

    You use the flash or not to have this clear image result.

    Thank you. This was with a flash!


    Stopping the pool pump( when possible or allowed) will help to eliminate the macro bubbles and other particles from flying in the frame, no water circulation will calm the water surface, if you are after perfect reflections this may be helpful. Stopping the pump sometime previous the shooting session may help all those little particles to settle as well.

    Thanks for the tip! I do turn the pumps on and off at times. Over time, there is a build up of debris in the water so I have to run it and let it sit.






    Here is another project I am working on. I am trying to raise awareness about ocean pollutants. What do you guys think?



  2. Very nice images. I'm barely adequate with shooting a model underwater. One technique that I did use that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is that I used an underwater strobe, but mounted to a boom that was secured on the deck. I was also concerned about the safety of the above water electrical (as mentioned in this thread), so I opted with the strobe on the boom with an articulating end (so I could position it either above or below the surface - depending on the effect I wanted).


    I enjoy photographing models. The challenge is lighting for sure. I placed my underwater strobes on a stand and sometimes submerge it or place it over the water. I get results like this.





  3. Thank you!


    As someone who has never done fashion photography I always wondered how such a shoot is done? Is there a standby diver who gives air to the model between shots? Or is she going up and down all the time? I'm guessing it takes ages to get both the cloth and the model in the correct position. So she probably has to be a rather good apneist? Without a mask the model is also practically blind.. so I'm guessing you have some other divers as assistants to do stuff like move the cloth in the right position?


    I do not have a diver on standby (yet). We both do some deep breaths and go down at the same time. We plan what look we want to do and then we try again. The models can sometimes see my hand signals and make adjustments. I have assistants for lights and some swimming adjustments. It really depends on the models how well they swim!

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  4. Hello Wetpixel,

    It is about time for me to contribute to the Galley. I really enjoy looking at all the neat photographs on this page.

    My name is Scott and I am a fashion editorial photographer in Oklahoma.

    Underwater photography is a challenge and I am really enjoying it. I hope to learn more techniques reading through this forum.

    Here are a few photos I have taken in the last year.

    Constructive Criticism is welcome!


    Thank you







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