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  1. Hello, im selling a Nauticam (36133) 6inch Domeport, a Panasonic 12-35mm Lens with UV-Filter and a Nauticam Zoom Gear(36148) for the Panasonic 12-35mm Lens The Port and the Lens are scratch free and in good conditions. All items together for 580€ or 580 US. If nobody is interested in the whole package im willing to split. Im based in Germany. Its possible to send it worldwide at buyers expense. Payment by Pay Pal is preferred.
  2. Thanks a lot! Yes, i dissembled the Raynox Circular Fisheye and then I insert the small Reflection Tube between the first and second Lenselement (the first lens is on the camera site). In total the Raynox has four Glasselements .
  3. Hi Adam, thank you very much for your kind words. Enrico
  4. Hi Adam, im the Winner in the Wide Angle Traditional Category. When you talk about my picture how its the Reflections done Alex says he don't know really. So let me explain. I used a Panasonic LX100ii in a Nauticam Housing and adapted a Raynox Circular Fisheye Lens(is out of production since 10years) on a Flatport with a 4 inch Domeport (dry). The Reflection Effect is created inside the Raynox Circular Fisheye, its a Reflection Tube with a diameter of 3,5cm and a length of 2cm fixed between the first and second glass element. So i can get a very wide angle of view with the reflections. If you adapt a big Reflection Tube outside on a Dome with a Fisheye Lens then you lost a lot angle of view. And the Reflections looks like a mirror. By mine Solution the Effect is more soft. I was really surprised to get the first place. Because like you and Alex says , without the Reflections is like a nothing special Wide Angle Shot. I agree with you completely. But with the colorful reflections is stand out from the crowd. Im a not so really good photographer. Thats why i try mostly some creative ways to get a picture in the camera which looks different. Enrico Somogyi
  5. You can try this: http://www.teloriparo.com They repaired my flooded Inon S2000 and changed the Flashtubes on Inon Z240. I contact them trough Facebook. Good Luck
  6. Hi Interceptor, take the Nauticam Wet Mate Domeport and you increase the field of you underwater at around 1,33 times. If you use it on the Olympus 60mm then you have underwater a 40mm Macro. The Wet Made Domeport is very small and has a 67mm thread.
  7. Hi Mobula, i am interested! Im located in Germany. Please send me a PM.
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