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  1. Thanks for the replies. Actually what happened was the camera was handed down to me by a dive instructor and when I surfaced the port came off. As I understand, pressure will hold the port in place while at depth.Using a dome port sort of shields them from direct downward access. I think the instructor bumped or snagged the lock and the fastener popped up. When I surfaced it came completely loose and the port came off. When I came home (you should try this too) I took a strap and pulled it across the port lock from the inside nearest the port and it unlocked. So I am trying to come up with a solution. Ikelite cannot add more locks, although it would solve the problem. I thought a piece of surgical rubber around the ports would work, but not so sure. Than I realized if you slightly snug the lock guide screws they won't move. Thoughts? Thank you, Mike
  2. I have a Canon 20D in an Ikelite housing. I was using it for the first time in Bonaire a few months ago with a 60mm macro and a 5502 flat port. On my third dive I had a port lock open and flood the camera and housing. I had the camera and lens insured against flooding by DEPP but not the housing. DEPP was great to work with. They replaced the 20D with a 40D and my lens within 30 days. Since the 20D had been discontinued, I could not get another. My dilemma, a 40D won't work in a 20d housing. I called Ikelite, they would replace the electronics in the 20D housing for $250. So I did that and purchased a refurbished 20D for underwater. Question: Is it possible to tighten the port lock guide screws just snug after installing the port every time so this does not happen again? Thank in advance for your time. Mike
  3. Thanks for the advise. Received a new sync cord and the YS90 works fine!
  4. Hey all - thank you for your responses. I'll take your advice and get extra sync cords for both cameras.
  5. I have purchased Ikelite housings for our Canon 20D and G9. Thanks all for your advice there. We also purchased D125 ettL strobe kit. I have a S&S YS90 DX stobe from my previous set up. My dilema, D125 works great with both housings. When I connect the YS90 with the recommended 4118.1 Ikilite sync cord / camera and strobe set on manual mode the strobe will not fire with either housing. When I set the srobe to slave it does fire with the flash of a camera. I think the sync cord is faulty / Called Ikilie, they told me it was highly unlikely and a that I had both cameras set up wrong. So, I did an ohm continuity test and I have cont. on one large pin and one center pin. There is no center pin connection on either housing. I think the cord is incorrectly wired. Please help with advice, we are leaving for Bonaire in two weeks. Thank you in advance, Mike
  6. Thanks for your feedback dhaas and scubarobot. It costs more to buy a point and shoot and house it. After some research the Sea & Sea DX-1G seems like it would be lmited. I noticed on the Ikelite port chart the EFS 18-55 uses the same flat port as thre EFS 60 Macro. Is it better to use a flat port or dome port for the 18-55? Would be nice to use the same port for both lenses. Great forum. Lots of usefull info.
  7. My wife and I have been diving for about 11 years. We got into underwater photography early on with the Sea & Sea Motor Marine series film cameras. We liked the external lens choices, especially the 2 macro lenses. About 6 years ago I went digital / Olympus C4000 / Ikelite housing / Sea & Sea YS 90 strobe on slave via optical cable. I am ready to make a change. I have a Canon 20D SLR with an EFS 18-55mm lens that I could house. Expensive to do. I am considering: A) House the 20D in an Ikelite housing using existing lens and strobe with a TTL sync cord. Upgrade later to 1 or 2 DS125s using eTTL and adding other lenses and ports. B) Purchase the Sea & Sea DX-1G camera with a YS110 strobe and wide-angle lens. (Does this camera shoot TTL?) C) Purchase the Canon G9, house it in an Ikelite housing and use my existing strobe or a DS125 set up. I currently have a wide-angle lens on the housing for the Olympus, can I use the same lens with the G9? Also, Ikelite states that you can shoot eTTL with the G9 when using their DS125 strobe set up. True? I know these are a lot of questions and would really appreciate any help and suggestions. We have a trip planned for Bonaire in December so I need to make a decision. Really struggling here. Thanks in advance, Mike
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