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  1. Hi there, Got a non-operational (flooded) Substrobe 225 TTL cheap on eBay and managed to repair it. Problem is I do not have a users manual.... Anyone that can help me with a scanned manual or something like that? Ikelite will not help me. At least, maybe someone can help me with the controls. "1/4" "1/2" and "FULL" I understand.... But there is three positions for the power knob OFF-ON-ON ?? And also the round knob at the head with three positions. (It has three different letter markings which I don't remeber now) I've seen there is a photodiode at the head so I guess there is a slave mode ?? I happy for any help. By the way, I have managed to build a very cheap ETTL slave that works well with EOS10 and my old Substrobe 50. It only needs some small adjustments in order to make timings with preflash/mainflash more accurate. I will soon try it with my SS225... Will release more information on this when I'm happy with my design. Best regards, Pär Jonsson SWEDEN
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