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  1. Yes have been diving there, relly quite enjoyed it too. The snorkelling just off shore is great as well. The classic dive shop in Barbados is West Side Scuba - http://www.westsidescuba.com/ been around for ever, always good when I have used them (it's been a while) I have also heard goo things about Barbados Blue - http://www.divebarbadosblue.com/ and Eco Dive Barbados - http://ecodivebarbados.com/ The last two I have never personally used. You will find your choice may be made up for you by where you are staying. But I would highly recommend whomever you dive with you do the Stavronikita at least once. Giles
  2. Thanks for posting .. one of my 'dives to do' is Mantas in Indo ... this garbage in the water is awful. I am actually a little bit shocked when i sit back and think of how they are filter feeders. I hate it when i get a hair in my mouth when eating. I will share this with my friends pass on some awareness.
  3. That girl was in the water with just a bikini in January?? ps. photos look like an amazing experience and as I am in Nassau regularly I may have to go give SC a try .. 6 years and never bothered.
  4. Personally i like the image, composition is not great for me .. but the image is nicely exposed with great colour graduation in the background. I would like to see the fish with it's head not at the center of the frame and not going left to right from the middle .. break the image up a bit differently with the subject. That sure is one fat lionfish too.
  5. I am sorry, and i know you said you couldn't get closer to your subjects but to me using a filter either on the camera or on the strobe is just hindering. If the face is looking blue or the diver in general is looking blue that is because not enough light is getting to the diver and or then to the camera sensor. If you are already using a strobe and you know you are not close enough putting a filter on will limit again the amount of light getting on the diver or to the sensor. Simple solution .. get in the models face .. take a photo. Talk to the dive buddies before you get in, tell them not to mind you and to just buzz by as close as they dare. This is the same for taking photos of people anywhere anyplace anytime .. especially if you don't know them. People don't mind having their photos taken, especially if you let them know why and offer them a copy. So give a little explanation, ask if you may take their photo and give some hints to them on what to do to make it look good Just my humble opinion. Giles
  6. Dive worldwide used to sell trips for an operator I used to work for. I know the guests paid and got a dive trip and we got paid as well. I have never booked a trip with any of them.
  7. That image is quite something .. is there a story in the article about how it was achieved if not will you be sharing that here ?? I have had quite a few close ups from hammerheads over the years (never with my camera) they always seem so curious and inquisitive. This image seems to capture that for me.
  8. I used a fisheye solidly through my 2 weeks of Sardine Run. Got great results.
  9. From the Article http://wetpixel.com/articles/wetpixels-new-design - The Picture of the Week contest is on hold, and will not be available until we migrate it over
  10. does [youtube][/youtube] still work? I tried it just now and it converted it to [media][/media] and then didn't show the video. So i tried putting in the entire link .. from youtube http://youtu.be/aLHB9BstJYQ for example between the media tags and it worked ok. does the original post here need updating ?
  11. Eden Rock can be done as a shore dive and you may even find people to dive with there. You can also do it on a boat for an extra cost. Pretty much all other operators will be able to take you there weather permitting. I don't want to list any here as I am probably slightly biased, but if you do want some advice message me and I can list my favourites for you depends on how you like to dive, each one has their specialities. I know them all and have dived with most of them at some point. Cheers.
  12. July in Cayman you will want to be trying out some of the Northside as well, it's Hammerhead and Eagle Ray season. Eden Rock is a seasonal classic shore dive in town that has swim throughs that are full with Silver Sides. If you book a session with Cathy I am sure she could teach you how to get that fmous shot, or you can shore dive it and try on your own If you can try to get some dives on Northwest Point / Orange canyon too .. as they are spectacular.
  13. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14269 sadly the images no longer show for these last two posts.: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14407 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44462
  14. via: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/18/polaroid-xs7-xs20-xs100-hands-on/ all these adventure lines sure are making for interesting segment in the underwater photo/video line .. GoPro has been a huge hit there is obviously money in there, these don't go quite as deep for the same price, but the demo pic is even attached to a mask so the intended useage is being made fairly obvious. Just thought it was interesting to see someone else getting into this game. Any chance all of this will help to bring about cheaper prices for entry to an expensive hobby ... maybe they already have !!
  15. Just wondering if ES File Viewer would do it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.estrongs.android.pop&hl=en
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