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  1. Hi all, When you go diving with others who have similar housings or gear, how to you make sure you can identify your gear? I mean, how do you label your gear so that you know it is your own? My dad uses red and yellow electrical tape, and I use a silver paint marker. However, since the housings are submerged very often, and salt water is pretty brutal on most everything, we were wondering if there are any better solutions. Does anyone have a certain brand of label or a certain brand of marker or tape or something that they use and that works for an extended period of time without wearing out? We would prefer something that can be written/printed on or written with so that we can write names on our gear. Thanks, Alex
  2. Bonjour, At the moment, I'm making this account to ask a very specific question that I cannot find an answer to, but I hope to continue to use the forums to ask questions to improve my work and camera practices. I guess I can say that I've only been diving for seven years (since I could only get certified six years ago), and that I've been pulled into the world of underwater photography by my dad (who is far better than me). Thanks for reading, Alex
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