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  1. Thanks KBS, the Fisheye dome is nearly twice as seep as my Athena, that's why I'm thinking i might need to throw a SX ring in there as well.
  2. I think I've solved the port thing already, though need to do a final check. Using a Sea&sea housing, extension 40 and the Athena dome. When wide the lens sits back in the dome where it should and when focussed close and zoomed for macro the front of the lens very nearly touches the glass dome. (this is the bit i need to do a final check with....don't want any scratches!) I'm hoping this wil all work as it could be quite a versatile setup.
  3. Tom, Thats interesting news. Do use this nikon gear in a canon housing? I just want to make sure before I spend $$$$ on a cog! Cheers Rob
  4. Thanks Gudge....and for your earlier info on DiveOZ! Cheers Rob
  5. Hey folks, I'm intersted in giving the sigma 17-70mm a punt in my sea and sea 350D housing. Only thing is, there is no support for it on the sea and sea site. I'm already using a sigma 10-20mm without zoom gear (not a problem as I use it for the 10mm end). But there would be no point in getting the 17-70 withought the gear. Sooooooo, does anyone know a gear that would do the trick? Or somthing that I could modify? I know it's a long shot but there might be someone out there......? Thanks again Rob
  6. Lou, I brought my housing from Yuzo at naturephoto. He is excellent, really helpfull. I nearly imported from him to the UK but called it off. I'm now in Oz and just imported a 350D housing. You will need to add VAT to Yuzo's price and i think (don't quote me) that import duty was 5% on top of that. Then add your postage, you'll probably still save a packet. This is the worst case scenario if customs look at the package, if not then you can forget the vat and duty. I would budget on paying the tax though. Your only issue will be that any waranty work will have to be done in Japan so you will have to send it back to Naturephoto. I'd go for it!
  7. I have the Epson R2400, very pleased with it. I spent quite a few years printing in darkrooms and this printer can produce amazing quality.
  8. Just a thought, have any of you guys tried using Flash to deliver video content? It has come a long way and I've seen some pretty impressive results recently. Statisticly 98% of connected computers have Flash player, 85% Media player and 68% quicktime player. So if it's viewing for the masses that any of you are after then it may be an interesting option.
  9. Just to add to this thread: Got my kit insured with DEPP $4800 worth for $230. All pretty painless. Their webshite looks exactly that and their credit card payment system is not secure (use the phone......also not secure I know....anyway). But their service and comunication was top. All good, i supose the real test is when I make a claim though! Cheers
  10. Cheers pakman, yeah I'm shooting already with magic filters, shots above taken with it fitted. I'm liking the results so far. Look forward to seeing the results with your strobe setup. Cheers
  11. Now THAT looks like a tidy setup! Let me know how you get on with those srobes. By the way, I'm not using any strobes but cleaned out the bulkhead conectors after diving the other day, did everything I should (removing upside down etc) but there appeared to be a couple of minute drops of moisture inside the conector. Cant be sure if it appeared during removal or not but will be keeping a very close eye on it! I've posted my first pics with the 350D at http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14019 just playing though. Cheers
  12. Hey all, finally posting my first pics from my first dslr. Obviously completly overwhelmed with the amount of options, very excited and am looking forward to calming down so I can concentrate on the photography side of things. Camera handles great and can pretty much forget it's there when I need to. . . . . . Cheers all Rob
  13. Hi Hobbes, I have the S&S housing with the Athena glass dome there is a thread about it here http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13562 I love this little set-up, though it is my first underwater SLR so I cannot compare to anything else! I got the camera in the water this weekend and it handles beutifully. I'm using a different lens to you but the rig was about 1/2 Lb negative in the water with the dome feeling pretty much neutral. The kit was small enough that swimming with it trailing behind me was no problem at all. My first photos are here, http://bluenude.co.uk/mini_site/ though I was quite bewildered with the whole 'having a camera with me' thing that I didn't really think about composition etc. Good fun though and can't wait to get back in.
  14. Vannar, the shade is the one that goes all around the port. There is another one which just screws on top and bottom. I have the holes for this. Not sure of the pros and cons for each, it seems to add a good deal of protection and is made from Alu. The dome came all packaged up with the shade and a neoprene cover for the glass
  15. Yeah, Yuzo told me that athena would make to order a zoom ring for the sigma. I'm not that bothered at the moment as I'm a bit of a non-zoomer anyway. If it becomes a problem I'll get in touch with them. Going out on Saturday to shoot my first pictures so will definitely post some.............if they're OK! Good luck with it all
  16. I agree, the shutter feels very precise, you can really feel a click when half pressing the button and again when fully firing the shutter
  17. Indeed, the Patima looks good, can't it accept Nexus 100mm screw ports? If you can spend a little more then the canon 10-22 is probably better than the Sigma and you won't have a problem finding a zoom gear for it. Good luck
  18. never thought i'd be pleased to hear that! Pakman, I have no strobes at the moment and that's the way it will be for a while, this is an ambient light setup for now . I think i'd go for one of the compact inons though. Cheers
  19. Hey all, took delivery of my DX-350D housing today with an Athena OPD F170v glass dome. The sigma 10-20mm lens fits a treat with the extension ring 40 and there is no vigneting with the dome shade in place. The kit looks sweeeet! I've yet to get it in the water but so far so good! Thanks to everybody who has helped me out on these forums with my inane questions!
  20. Yeah, it's cool. The Sigma will work fine with both dome and housing, just no zoom control as of yet. Athena have offered to make a zoom ring for the sigma 'to order' I'm just interested to see if there is an 'off the peg' one that will work. I bet i'll probably never end up zooming anyway
  21. Thanks Davichin, I have ordered the Athena OPD-F170V dome and a 40 extension ring. I was told that the Canon 10-22mm zoom ring would not fit my Sigma 10-20mm (though they are a similar size). Cheers BOB
  22. Hi all, I finally ordered my housing, a flip of a coin decided on the Sea&Sea dx350. Has anyone had any experience of using the Sigma 10-20mm in this housing? Sea&Sea do not list the lens on their chart and could not tell me if there is a zoom gear that will work. Any ideas? Thanks BOB I've had a few maybes but no definite suggestions on the 100mm Macro focus gear or possibly the sigma 15-30mm (looks totally different to me).
  23. I ordered mine from Japan http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/En/default.php?pathID=0_0_0 Yuzo there is very helpfull. Vannar, how are you getting on with your housing? I'm looking forward to mine arriving soon.
  24. I've just ordered one of these, it should arrive next week The 170 denotes the diameter of the dome 170mm. I believe the size of it sits in between the sea and sea fisheye and compact dome. As I understand it the weight of the glass should counter the buoyancy of the dome nicely. It should be pretty much neutral. Cant wait to try it out and will post my thoughts on it if that's any use. Cheers BOB
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