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  1. Hi I'm selling this lightweight zoom gear for the Tokina 10-17mm (nikon mount) on nauticam housing (equivalent to #TN1017) Not the original nauticam part, hence the cheaper price, but as solid and functional as the original (even easier to fit the gear on the lense zoon ring, in my opinion) 40 euros. Payment in USD is possible : 50 USD You can choose your preferred option for shipping (part weight is 20grams without wrapping). Part located in Toulouse area, France Sebastian
  2. Yes I see. Not the ideal situation (like caving photography). That being said, it all depends on the output resolution you want. Of course a more powerful flash would help getting the shot with these parameters. That being said, have you tried higher ISOs? it would give you an increase in flash availability (at lower power) and bring out really decent pics after downscaling. On the D7200 with ISO 3200 I was able to shoot a nice cave printed out on A2 after noise reduction + downscale sharpening. Cheers Seb
  3. Hi Nicool Seems an extreme use case. Never thought you would be bursting 10fps on macro on day, with flash... What are the aperture & shutter speed settings for this specific Use Case? Sebby
  4. Good evening everyone I'm Sebastien from France. Diver and uderwater photographer since 2007 (I started diving in Australia) I usually dive local in the Mediterranean sea and sometines in Brittany. Occasionaly I do warm waters (Red Sea, Bali...) I've been diving with a rebreather since 2011. Looking forward to dive/talk to you Sebby
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