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  1. For anyone using Ultralight arms and Ikelite strobes, how do you attach the ULCS ball adapter to the strobe? I have an Ikelite DS200 and the ULCS AD-200 ball adapter that has a flat washer (next to strobe) and a lock washer (next to the adapter). The problem is the lock washer cuts the o-ring on the bottom of the adapter. After I used this set-up once the o-ring was cut clear through. Do you forget the o-ring or the lock washer?

  2. I too just returned from a week using the D200 and Ikelite housing. Had pretty much the same opinions as you. I did loosen the shutter release lever and move its lever below/behind the rear command dial control so I could pull the trigger rather than push. Had no problems. Had one interesting problem. With two DS200 strobes attached (Ikelite's dual cord) when the strobes fired full charge the flaching indicator in the viewfinder sticks and continues to flash stopping any further picture taking. Easily fixed by turning strobe on and off, but took me awhile to figure it out.

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