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  1. Hey guys, I'm strongly considering moving up from my current set-up (sony rx100ii & nauticam w/ 4" dome) to the sony a7ii. I already have an a7ii with a few lenses, one of which being the 16-35 f4. So my thought was to get a housing and larger dome (8-10"?) for the a7ii & 16-35. I'd be curious to hear what everyone on here has to say about the various housings for the a7ii, what lenses you prefer and why, and just your general experience and opinions about the a7ii for use as an U/W body? All info is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, Ben from Tampa, FL here. I am a long time diver, started with SCUBA but now mostly freedive. Got into what I would consider "serious" photography about a year ago. I dive the gulf and springs in north florida quite a bit, but now that I'm looking to shoot images I'd like to get over the East Coast, Keys, and travel a lot more often. Looking forward to meeting some U/W shooters and learning a thing or two. Cheers
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