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  1. Thank you, Interceptor121. I watched this video.
  2. I checked the website of this resort, and it looks nice. I have a few more questions, if you do not mind: 1. How many divers per a guide? 2. How much would you expect to spend for food per day? 3. For how many days would you recommend to go over there? 4. How would you compare muck diving to Lembeh strait? Many thanks.
  3. also, your photos are fantastic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you for your comment, Interceptor121.
  5. Thank you for your feedback. You are correct regarding Alex comments, and your guess of how I swim on the subject is correct. I think it would be safer to be stationary while using lights. Also, would you say that position of video lights for video should be similar to position of strobes for photography? To me, it should not be any different. Could I just follow recommendations for strobes positioning?
  6. Thank you for watching my videos, your perspective and recommendations, aviator8. I live in Canada (Toronto) and I do not like diving in this area. I am trying to make three dive trips each year, and I should definitely use a more systematic approach to improve my skills. Thanks again
  7. I have very good and powerful video lights (Keldan 8X), and I tend to over-use them. I started to use ambient light filters in combination with a red filter on a lens, and I am getting more pleasant results. I am stragelling a bit with proper positioning of my video lights. Some recommend to put lights in line with the camera, some slightly behind the camera, others - just in front of the camera. Another question I have is about overlap of lights. Some recommend to overlap light cones (so that the subject is illuminated by both lights), but Alex Mustard, for example, recommends to have light cones apart. I am collecting all this information piece by piece, and trying a few different things every time, but it takes more time than I hopped. Thank you for your comments, TaxiDriver 14.
  8. Thank you bubffm. I will take your comment as a compliment. Thanks again. I am following Vanessa's course, and eagerly waiting for more advanced topics. I feel that I need to fine-tune many things, mostly related to lighting.
  9. Could anyone recommend a good underwater videography course online, liveaboard or at a resort? I attended one at Lembeh a few years ago, and looking for something else, more advanced. Many thanks.
  10. Many thanks for your reply and a link to the article. Great staff! Very useful information. I have the same video lights with ambient filters that you tested. I need to re-read your article to better understand all fine points.
  11. When I will be using color correction filter I will either do not use lights or I will use lights with Keldan Ambient filters.
  12. Thank you for the info. I will check it out.
  13. Hello, I am looking for an advise on selection of an internal color filter(s) for Gates AX700 / Z90 housing. This housing comes with a red filter, but the filter could be changed for another color. Seller recommended me to buy both red filter (for blue water) and pink filter (for green water), as according to him "Water conditions vary due to time of day, currents and particulate in the water." Among other recommendations on internet, here is a typical recommendation: Pink Filter (for use in green water), OrangeFilter (for use at depth up to 15m), Red Filter (for use at depth of 15m or deeper). Could anyone recommend a good article on color filter selection for UW videography? I am diving only in warm water, i.e. Indonesia, Philippines, Caribbean, etc. Also, Gates' color filters are quite expensive ($138US), so I would like to know if there is another manufacturer of good 'pro' quality color filter elements? Thank you for your recommendations.
  14. Nice footage. Did you do any post processing?
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