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  1. Hi Saludos, Nice footage and good music selection. Thank you for sharing. It looks like you did not use red filter. Is this correct? Val
  2. Here is my second project using FCPX: https://youtu.be/6u1IIMjMOWA I will greatly appreciate your constructive criticism and recommendations. In this video, I was trying to capture a beauty and abundance of marine life in Raja Ampat during our 9-day stay at Misool Eco Resort. My camera is Sony A7Rii with a 28mm and 28mm+fisheye lens. I used two Keldan Video 8X lights (11000 lm, 92 CRI), which are fantastic video lights. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi Pete, Great article! Thank you for sharing. Are there any other articles related to UW videography and post production you could share? Also, what is your opinion about Sony AX700 and Z90 camcorders? I saw one review by John Ellerbrock on the Gates' website. Many thanks. Val
  4. Hey bubffm, I am thinking of buying Color Finale for FCPX, and glad to hear that you had a good experience with it. Do you have any articles, videos, tips or recommendations of using Color Finale specifically for UW video color correction?
  5. Hey Kire70. I appreciate your comment and advise. I will try adjusting the saturation. By the way, could you recommend any tutorials for underwater video editing?
  6. Many thanks, bubffm. I appreciate your comments. I will try to play with the footage as per your recommendations.
  7. In April 2018, I was very fortunate to participate in the Ray of Hope Expedition to the Revillagigedos Islands, off the coast of Mexico. The expedition was organized by Dr. Andrea Marshall – a National Geographic Explorer and the ‘Queen of Mantas'. Here is a link to my 4-min video-report about this trip: https://youtu.be/dJKKAWb0Efs This is my first video after moving from iMovie to Final Cut Pro. Camera: Sony A7Rii, Housing Ikelite, lens 28mm with fisheye. I did not use lights, and did not use any filters. I will appreciate your constructive criticism. Thank you.
  8. Like the video. It is kind of uplifting. Not sure I understand your question about using fisheye lens. I have Sony a7Rii as well, and I used 28mm with a wish eye lens combination. It works well for large fish, like in manta rays. You could see in my video: https://youtu.be/dJKKAWb0Efs. Also, how did you managed do UW white balance with this camera. It does not work for me underwater. Thanks again for the video. It is great.
  9. Hello everyone, I have Ikelite housing for Sony A7Rii, and I am thinking about purchasing a Small HD502 monitor with Nauticam housing NA-502H, but not sure if they are compatible (to me they should be). I contacted Backscatter, and they are not sure, saying that "routing of a cable inside of Ikelite housing may or may not work". I am not impressed with their answer, considering that they are one of the biggest sellers of UW equipment. Does anyone has the same monitor with Ikelite housing or used Nauticam/Small monitor with Ikelite housing? I will appreciate your feedback. Many thanks, Val
  10. Thank you TaxiDiver14. I appreciate your recommendation.
  11. Many thanks TaxiDiver14. I will try it. Referring to 'presets', I assume you ment WB presents for different K temperature? Do you use a red filter in combination with lights? I was getting very reddish footage with a red filter and light combination. I thought that with a 'red filter - lights' combination, cyan filters on lights should be used.
  12. Hello, I am not able to set custom white balance on my Sony a7Rii with Ikelite housing with 8 inch dome underwater. It works fine above water with the same setup, but not underwater. Could anyone share their experience and hopefully advise? Many thanks.
  13. In addition to Burkhard's comment above, could someone who has been using red lens filter and and Keldan Ambient Light Filters (http://keldanlights.com/english/products/filters/ambient-light-filters/start-ambient-filters.html) share their experience as well? I am considering buying Keldan video lights (8X 11000lm CRI92) in combination with a red lens filter and ambient light filters. From my correspondence with Keldan and this forum, I see some theoretical benefits of using this set up. For example, if I am shooting a giant manta say at 30-40 ft (10-13m) and I have red lens filter and lights with ambient filters on, and I will start shooting when manta is far away from me, red lens filter will help to correct color, but lights will have no impact because of the distance. Then, when manta get closer, ambient light filter will compensate (cancel) red lens filter and I will get a perfect white manta's belly. Am I correct? This is all theory, at least my understanding of it. My camera is Sony A7Rii. Many thanks.
  14. Hello. I am from Toronto, Canada. I have some experience in UW macro videography through attending an UW Macro Videography Workshop in Lembeh, Indonesia, but I would like to do more wide angle videography. I was trying to find some unbiased information about video lighting and had very difficult time until I came across this forum. I hope to get a lot of useful information and share my experience through this site.
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