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  1. @PhilW Bluewater photo just released a review about the Canon R5 that makes that sounds VERY promising. It might be the sweet spot for non-DSLR full-frame mirrorless. https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/canon-eos-r5-review
  2. Went down to Antarctica in March (7 days on the peninsula). We made it down past the polar circle to 66˚ 33’ 47.5’S and were able to dive under an iceberg in Crystal Sound where a friendly and curious crabeater seal chose to spend some time with us under the ice. A pretty magical experience. A few photos embedded here. For more pictures see: instagram.com/bunderwater by Michael Heyns, on Flickr by Michael Heyns, on Flickr Michael Heyns, on Flickr by Michael Heyns, on Flickr
  3. There are fully stainless steel versions of hose clamps with thumb screws: https://www.mcmaster.com/#hose-clamps/=1cnoqg1 Link to one such example above, you can probably find others.
  4. Hi all, I'm going to Hawaii for some blackwater diving later this year and looking to learn more about any tips/techniques that will help me maximize the opportunity. Shooting an RX100 rig with both macro and wide angle lenses, dual sea & sea YS-D2 strobes, and some video lights as well. What's the best way to get good photos of critters that come up? Are there good presets for that kind of thing?
  5. Looking to buy one Sea & Sea Fiber Optic cable...or other brand potentially. Some kelp stole one of mine this past weekend, :-(.
  6. I just started a couple weeks ago. The suggestions for people to follow on this thread were really helpful! My account is https://www.instagram.com/bunderwater/if anyone is interested. I use Lightroom to save my photos to a local folder (resize long edge to 1080px), and then upload them to Instagram using the Windows application (from the Windows app store for PC).
  7. I have an RX100 Mk1 and Nauticam housing for it. I'd like to get some Macro lenses and trying to figure out best options. So far I've narrowed down my plan to a dedicated +5-7 diopter lens and a more powerful +10-13 diopter lens, rather than stacking lower power lenses, because that seems to be a better approach. Given that, what lenses should I get? SAGA +5 and +10? Nauticam CMC-2 and CMC-1? Bluewater +7 and Kraken +12? SubSea +5 and +10? I have a Kraken wide angle lens (KRL-4) which I like (for the price), but I ultimately want to get whichever lens will be the best value for money. Ideally don't want to go too expensive on this (the Nauticam solution for example), unless I'm given solid reasons to do so. Thanks!
  8. Bump, all offers will be considered.
  9. Someone is selling some DS-125s on ScubaBoard. https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/ikelite-strobes-for-sale.549167/
  10. $400 for everything. Picture attached.
  11. Selling a barely used Ikelite DS-51 strobe, with Ikelite Tray, Quick Release Arm, Handle and EV Manual Controller. Links to the different components below. DS-51 Strobe: $400 Flex Arm: $20 EV Manual Controller and Cable for DS Strobes: $50 Tray with Release Handle: $30 Package: $450 All in all this setup has been in the water probably 8 dives, 4 of which were freshwater. Then the camera I had broke, and I set the whole setup aside for a while because new cameras/housing are expensive. :-) Can send pictures as well, if desired. Asking $450 for everything. Also willing to sell pieces of this setup.
  12. I'm also interested in buying a set of D2s. If anyone has that they're willing to sell, PM me.
  13. I have a Sony RX100 (Mk. 1) and I'm considering getting a housing for it. I like fantasea, recsea, and nauticam housings, so if you have one that you'd be interested in selling, I'd be interested. Shipping to Seattle, WA. Thanks!
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