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  1. Have you actually even seen the scratch in the image? My guess is you'll never notice it. See the following for an extreme example. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2008/10/front-element-scratches/ Repairs can be quite pricey. I probably wouldn't bother unless it really stands out in your images, if it's noticeable at all.
  2. I'm kind of curious myself. I just got my TG5 and Oly housing moving up from a GoPro. I'm bring my RGBlue Series 2 PC video light with me and I just purchases an INON z330 strobe. I liked the look of the YS-D2, but there are so many reports of issues and I'm only going to have one for a while. I'm getting a MIC21 tray and arms setup (local brand) which looks solid. i debated some on getting a second video light, but it just wouldn't compare with a strobe. I have some friends who are doing quite well with one, and with the upgraded power and wide angle it should work well for me and I can add another if/when I ever decide I need one. Reading some of the posts on people downsizing I'm glad I didn't go with my E-M1 for now and put the money toward lighting.
  3. Hell, I'm Charles from Tokyo. I've started diving within the last year and have done a little over 30 dives now. Done some video with my GoPro, but looking for some advice to up my game a little bit. Some lights for the GoPro and maybe a compact camera some point in the future. Looking to get some advice on products.
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