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  1. Nauticam Housing and Zen 170mm glass dome port to suit the 12-35mm f2.8 Lumix Vario G. Full working order - never flooded or dropped. Dome port optics are perfect. 3 marks on housing's LCD panel viewer. Details of the sale here on eBay: http://r.ebay.com/8Vp6NI (sale commenced today and is on for 10 days) Handles and ball joints included. Full purchase history. Camera and lens for sale separately. At a guess £1200? Offers welcome and happy to provide further details. Regards, James Laver BSAC AI 1719 TDI Mod II trimix rebreather
  2. Hi I'm James Laver from Swindon, UK. I've been diving for 40 years - rebreathers for the last 17 - still alive and loving it. I began shooting UW 35mm stills in Oman with a Uwe Kiehl housing and ringflash. More recently I've moved towards video now that the technology provides the ease of use and quality. Having LED TVs makes it worthwhile too!! I dive an AP Inspiration Evo rebreather and am qualified to BSAC AI (1719) and TDI Mod II trimix on the RB. One of my photos is on the cover of BSAC's Manual for the Inspiration rebreather. My most memorable dives have been the Dahab blue hole with 7 other RBs on trimix as well as Thomas Canyon. My most recent diving was in Gozo in March/April 2017. I film using a GH5 in a Nauticam housing with the Olympus 7-12mm Zuiko. I do a lot of solo shore diving and use a Bonex Reference RS to pull me around safely. In case anyones in any doubt - diving a rebreather is a great advantage when filming underwater. I've had Dolphins sonar beam me knowing that something was different. I'm forever getting closer to sea life than is possible with open circuit. Its why Howard Hall dives a BioMarine MK15.5 (one of the classics). Upfront thanks to all the esteemed forum members who have contributed to it and who are the foundation of an ever burgeoning community that I hope will help to preserve our Oceans. Cheers to all, James
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