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  1. Marli, Thanks for that. Here are two photos of the same Phuket cuttlefish, hopefully from a more useful angle. They were taken 18 seconds apart (unfortunately I blew out the highlights on the first one): Richard.
  2. Nick, Thanks for pointing out that the link to the third photo is wrong, I've fixed it now [though probably no-one will read this again to help with the ID! ] Thanks also for mentioning the possibility of an alternative ID on the Phuket cuttlefish, I guess I'll have to see whether anyone can provide some distinguishing characteristic which would allow a positive ID to be made! Richard.
  3. Marli, Thanks very much for the input, it's much appreciated. When you mention the dark ring around the eye of the octopus, is that the dark smudge around the top half of the eye, or the 1/4 inch dark marking immediately surrounding its eyeball? I assume the latter. Richard.
  4. folks, I haven't been able to track these cephalopods down, any help would be appreciated. If you can point out some diagnostic features to help me in the future then that would be a bonus! Octopus hunting at night in Cozumel: Squid at night in Cozumel: Cuttlefish in the daytime at Anilao, Philippine Islands: Daytime cuttlefish off Phuket, Thailand: Baby cuttlefish (?) about an inch or two long at Lembeh Strait, Indonesia (do the two dark lines indicate that this is a Broadclub Cuttlefish, Sepia latimanus?): Thanks in advance, Richard.
  5. Nick, Thanks, that's a big help. The moray seems to have so few distinctive features, I thought it might be unplaceable. I'm particularly glad it's Gymnothorax javanicus, I had just been doing a writeup about that species and now I have a photo to illustrate it! After going through Poppe Images I had considered Linckia multifora to be the likeliest candidate for the sea star, but there's so much color variability that I was reluctant to go with that. Can anyone else can confirm the clam and the cuttlefish? Richard.
  6. Steve, Thanks! I was focused on the color patterns along the tail, which don't appear in the photos in Debelius, but I can see now that the head is a perfect match. Richard.
  7. folks, Got a mixed bag of critters I haven't been able to track down. Any help, even family name, would be appreciated. (1) I looked through Debelius a couple of times but amazingly I couldn't place this lobster from Belize, I know it must be in there: (2) Moray from Phuket, not much to go on unfortunately. If you can name the shrimp then that would be a huge bonus too! (3) I always find giant clams hard to pin down to species, this one is from the Perhentian Islands off Malaysia: (4) Cuttlefish, Anilao, Philippines: (5) Squid, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia: (6) Unfortunate four-armed sea star, Phuket: (7) crinoid, Phuket: If it would help to have any of these in a larger size then let me know and I'll upload it. TIA, Richard.
  8. Wow, every shot is a winner! I haven't seen such a perfect sequence of photos in a long time. Richard.
  9. Thanks, folks! Sorry for my belated reply. Richard.
  10. I love the second pgymy seahorse photo in your first series, it looks great! Richard.
  11. Still trying to track down a few worm IDs from the last couple of trips, any help even to the family level would be appreciated. (1) Flatworm from Racha Noi in Thailand: All the rest of the photos are from Lembeh Strait: (2) nocturnal bristle worm: (3) nocturnal worm: (4) rather a vicious looking critter, IIRC it was active at dusk: (5) Is this the feather duster worm Protula magnifica? TIA, Richard.
  12. I like the angle on that last shot of the squat lobster or whatever it is, very effective. Richard.
  13. Thanks for the comments, guys! Richard.
  14. Here are some shots of the weird critter in Lembeh Strait, taken in May of this year. Striped frogfish: whitemargin stargazer: spiny devilfish: red-barred shrimp gobies: wonderpus: More here, with commentary: http://www.richard-seaman.com/Underwater/I...ghts/index.html Comments, questions and suggestions all welcome. If you know what any of the unidentified critters are, or if I've misidentified any, then feel free to let me know! Richard.
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