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  1. Yes, I would be happy to sell it housing and fish-eye lens is what you're looking for? Thanks
  2. It is and I do. Possible to email? Not sure how to load them via my phone
  3. Sorry I just saw these posts now. Maybe the alert wen to my JUNK. Jeff: The retail for the housing, fish-eye, vacuum misc small items was about 2700 plus tax. I'm also offering the camera, two 128 HD cards, two batteries, extra charger, 3-year full warranty (covers a flooding too) etc etc. Retail was 850 all-in for that. Make me an offer! I am willing to sell the housing separate from the camera but not the fish-eye separate from the housing. Make me an offer! Thanks! Craig
  4. Let's say $2,500 for the camera and the housing. Open to selling just the housing to an interested buyer.
  5. Brand new Nauticam NA-LX-10 Pro housing for sale! Includes vacuum valve and iTorch UWL-04 52mm wide lens AND LX-10 camera with 2 128gb Sandisk cards, two batteries and extra charger. Used in August 2017 on one trip totaling 20 dives over 8 days for video, been serviced by Backscatter since. I moved from an old Stingray “point & shoot”, the NA-LX10 housing is over my paygrade but a wonderful housing for someone more serious about photography than myself. I spent over $3,000 inclusive of the camera itself, (including 3 year warrantee which also covers a flooding event). Make me an offer!
  6. Craig here from San Francisco. Great to be a part of this community!
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