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  1. I would like, please, that you tell me your opinion of the following subject. .test of youtube with AudioSwap. Interesting subject, although with some difficulties of edition previously, since I do not see how we can have the selected music, that permanently records when upload the video, to be able to publish better the changes in the clips, mixing , etc. Here we can embbeded the videos uploaded to google and youtube is now belong to google, then it is matter of time that can be used here . It is a magnificent tool for those who do not have hosting, evidently, but this option opens to really interesting fields. It depends what you select from the variety of styles.. Can we have, al least , an easy way that we can use a recorded mp3 or similar to put it at timeline?..Is it ok if you just record meanwhile you listen styles? I know that when the video is uploaded then , will have the mention of the copyright of the music and the music. Here is the page from youtube that explains the system... Audioswap Thank you for your opinion.
  2. Does anyone knows this?..I saw at friend´s forum , well..here is the link.. TVSCUBA I wonder if perphaps could it be possible to create tvwetpixel...jeje..if we create dvd why not a TV? with photos and videos?...jeje. just for more information, you have a link at bottom for http://www.globaldigitalbroadcast.com/ Regards..
  3. Thank you for your comments and suggestions...yes..you have all the reason...(well..apologize ,,it´s carnaval time here now) I will fix as soon as possible..creating new options available...and for the embedded video a new one.. Well , not always we have this conditions...but usually we have around 30mts visibility. Thank you once more...
  4. Sorry..probably is because my server.. I got it at Aqua planet, but then is like to link it ( and I prefer you may see it with optimal picture). I am uploading now to my google acount, and when they accept and give me a link, I will edit my post...sorry..once more.
  5. Brief video about bastard grunt (Roncadores) and sea breams(Besugos) that are pushing from different species. Close to Arguineguín, at Gran Canaria, we have 5 artificial reefs created more than 10 years ago with cement figures. The place have 23 mts depth and sandy bottom, ideal for the conditions of this species. Hope you like it. Right click and save to desktop link here. 35 megs [Edit by Wags] Thanks wags..now is one with half size..hope is ok..New one have only 17megs...(but don`tell me that is bad for full screen..jejeje..
  6. Nice video wagsy..fantastic edition either. I have been some days away but it is a really plesare to see something like this when I return...thank you so much. It a real pleasure to watch your images and to be able to feel within the action that it transmits. In addition, excellent conversion to flash and excellent quality of image. My congratulations once again for your work. Greetings from Gran Canaria.
  7. I do not know if this video were posted already , and by respect to copyright I put the link simply (the language is here in Spanish). I translate the additional text of the video: The unit, pertaining to a species considered very rare, appeared in the Japanese coasts but it died few hours after to be filmed and to be captured. The scientists think that it was in bad conditions and he was debilitated. Here you may see embedded video. Video of this shark Here also you may see photos.. Nationalgeographic
  8. Hi keithesaf...I have used your page to upload a couple of videos . Why do I loose quality when I see it?...
  9. Eric..same situation with my post.. I can see your video with Internet explorer, but not with Firefox.. Even that,,great shot Eric..fantastic.
  10. I have to say that Eric is a great man..This chance is really fantastic for the forum.. Video wmv,,1.37mb..Embed video. Place: Artificial reef of Arguineguin, Gran Canaria. Well...it seems somethig goes wrong...hope soon we see the video. Sorry..it was only that it doesn´t work with firefox..With Internet explorer I can see it...
  11. It does not concern Eric, only tried to know if possible outside. I do not have BB knowledge reason why it did not know this one difficulty. Thanks for your fast answer and work. A greeting
  12. Thank you scubadru.. The moments with them were fascinating...anyhow it was just a test...here is another ..but not with so nices fishes...jeje.. [googlevideo]-8763378288556992829[/googlevideo]
  13. Interesting thing that we can embed videos from google. Pitty that loose quality, comparing with wmv and mp4, but sure it will help for many other reasons. Regards from Gran Canaria. Video Sirenas...short..only 15 seconds..no sound. [googlevideo]5585709120121715616[/googlevideo]
  14. Thank you Eric..that´s great... May I suggest also to add yahoo videos,,,which also work fine and it´s free..( the system is equal to google.). Regards from Gran Canaria..
  15. Hi Eric.. Is it possible to embed videos or flash in this new version?. <_< ..cheers..
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