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  1. There is certainly a dicotomy here. On one side the pros loosing market, on the other newbies wanting a piece of it. However, if many give in to promote their work, the market gets diluted and everyone, but photobuyers, loose. As Joe (kelpfish) pointed out, this stems from a basic concept of supply of demand, which, of course, is not restricted to photography. So what do other professional classes do to keep their standard (and $)? ...some make unions, some impose regulations, etc... However, this seems an almost impossible task with a professional practice that most often derives from hobby/vacation/fun to begin with.... and will likely result in pro UW photographers having to work even harder to make ends meet. Andre
  2. Nice selection of shots... My favorite is the blue-eyed sole... Andre
  3. Hi all! This is my first post at wetpixel, and I would like to share with all a new gallery site I have been working on lately (this is my first attempt to showcase my work online). I would greatly appreciate any critique for general webdesign, usability and image contents.... I haven't added all galleries yet, but I think there is enough to have a "feel" for the site Thanks for any comment and I look forward to participating in wetpixels forum discussions I have already seen many excellent articles/posts here.. Andre ArteSub - Underwater Photography by Andre Seale
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