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  1. This is very similar to what occurred to Barbara's EM-1 just prior to our trip to Palau and Truk in September. We bought another body and have not had the problem since. I posted a thread back in September. There was no solution other than taking out the battery and letting the camera sit for a bit. TedJ
  2. Phil, Thanks for keeping us informed! TedJ
  3. Its not really that it is better balanced, rather its just heavier, so the entire rig has a balance point that allows the dome to be more horizontal. The weights might work fine on the ears of the dome, never tried it. Barbara never complained about it and actually it became a reminder to "shoot up" and of course, get closer!
  4. The rig balances with the dome facing upwards. It is somewhat a nuisance but Barbara got used to it. She ditched the longer arms that she used to use with the INON z240 strobes and does not have any flotation on the short arms. She hasn't gotten finished with the thousands of images we took while in Palau and Truk, but I'll put up a link shortly. After viewing many of the raw images, it is clear to me that the EM-1 and 12-40mm lens is superior both in quality and versatility to my Sony NEX-7 rig, although it is not quite fair to compare a 12-40mm lens to a 10-18mm lens, regardless of the quality of the lens. I'm looking forward to the new Olympus very wide pro lens, which may get me to switch to the Oly EM-1.
  5. Barbara was using the camera at the time and I don't know the answer to your question. I will alert her to the error code if it happens again. It hasn't happened since those first couple times.
  6. Barbara is editing right now and we're just about to head back down to Florida. We should have a link to our zenfolio gallery in about two weeks.
  7. We're back from a month in Palau and Truk. Barbara shot with the EM-1 and 12-40mm. The quality of her images seems better than mine with the NEX-7 and 10-18mm Sony lens. I like the versatility of the em-1 and 12-40 as well. And since we had to buy another camera (another thread discusses this issue), I may swap for another housing. I have recently read a lot of notes about the 12-40 not being a good lens for underwater. I think it's great.
  8. I bought another camera for Barbara before we spent a month in Palau and Truk. The original one has not displayed the "going blank" symptoms since. Go figure!
  9. It did it again today, but came back to life by itself after a few seconds.
  10. Thanks Jack, Its worked great up to now. We'll see what happens. TedJ
  11. Nope! It's not that hot today and we were mostly in the shade.
  12. While photographing at the beach (not in the water) this morning, Barbara's EM-1 simply went blank. Turned it off and on again and nothing. Took out the (fully charged Olympus) battery and put it back in and the camera was fine. Apparently it happened once yesterday but came back on without doing anything. Anyone else experience this problem? Any suggestions? TedJ
  13. Thanks Phil, The dome and gear should be here tomorrow for Barbara's 12-40mm. I decided to use the Sony 10-18mm in the same dome for our trip to Palau/Truk. I just didn't get it together to assemble my old Subal glass dome for the zeiss 12mm. We'll see what happens.
  14. Phil, Was that no to the gear mentioned above or to the 60mm not working behind the dome?
  15. Interesting point! Hadn't really noticed that much with my NEX-7 and the acrylic dome. Will the 60mm Macro Oly lens work behind the acrylic port on the EM-1?
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