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  1. wow - this would be more than perfect as i already have way to much gear to lug around (landscape gear has to come too) - i'll let ya know in a few days if i can get similiar results from the domes/extensions i have - this has been very helpful - i have one smaller dome - measures 6" across - guessing it's the dp60? i have an extension for it - which lens do you think i'd have the best luck w/ canon or sigma / 100mm or 105mm? - the minimun focus ranges from 5.9" to 12.2"(105mm) - i don't quite understand the focus distance/virtual image thing but i assume one of these has a better change of working?
  2. thanks eveyone;) funny stephen i emailed liz to see if i could get a flat port before my trip;) than i see you here;) - if i end up shooting any macro it will be a first for me - clown fish size or bigger only - so far i only tried an 85mm (just to see) it would not focus in the superdome - their was to much space between the lens and dome i guess - i have a smaller dome that i can try (dp60 i think) - i think w/ 100mm and the size fish i will be shooting i won't have a prob w/ scratching my port or the subject - i ordered the lens hoping somthing will work;)
  3. is it possible to shoot a 100mm macro lens in a fisheye dome port - i'm using the 1dsmk11 in the seacam housing - i'll be traveling soon and i'd love to take just one port - 90% of my pic's will be wide angle - what about a regualr dome port? any help is appreciated as i know i won't be able to get a new flat port before i travel many thanks michael
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