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  1. It's good material to use, but i find the "evolution" and updates to fast! I bought the first model of Loupedeck when it comes out, and after not so long of use, Lightroom upgrade the soft, and then Loupedeck offer a new version. Then I was sadly surprise that they didn't upgrade the previous Loupedeck model for the new LR versions ... Don't know if it's the same for the Loupedeck+ and the new version of LR since the Loupedeck CT is on sale. But it's not very nice for the customers to stop the support of the previous versions, This Apple Iphone strategy is a shame.
  2. Hi everyone, I hope this post is at the good place in this forum section. I would like to get some returns of the users that you are about the Aquatica Customer Service. I tried several time to reach them by mail, no return, by phone, after many calls, I had finally one nice person that record my request and should revert to me quickly... 2 years ago, I'm still waiting for his feedback. Through the France Dealer, it seems it's not more rapid in the communication with Aquatica. Do you have in the USA, UK or other places, better experiences about this customer service brand, or it's the same for everywhere on this blueplanet :-D I'm surprise, that's a company with such good items on their catalog are not better in the Aftersales services. Second hand market is an option, but sometimes, buying directly new parts from the original manufacturer is the only way to get what you need , so .... Thanks for your answers. (hope my english is good enough, for a good comprehension of my request) ;-)
  3. Did somebody try the other way ? using standard land strobe like a canon 580EX but underwater ? With a homemade housing sealed nicely, would it be a problem ?
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a Canon 5D MKII housing, could you send me more information, and pics about yours please ? Thank you. Best regards.
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