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  1. 1- I'm not a business 2- just because others have been doing it - does not mean its ok Whats next? subscription to clothing and food?
  2. I decided to do away with LR because of the subscription model. It is highway robbery. I should be able to pay for software and use it perpetually. Whether I decide to upgrade to their next version is my prerogative. I now use Luminar AI.
  3. I've been emailing them with regards to my second hand 5d mkii housing for a couple of months now They've responded within twenty four hours I even received a call from Blake - the founder Except my last email from a few days ago about port selection for a 150mm macro lens - no response I imagine they have not because they could not
  4. Hello everyone, So here is the camera in the housing with the 150 lens. In the first photograph, you can see that approx 99mm of the lens juts out the housing. And in the second photograph, with the flat port sitting directly on the lens, the gap between the housing and flat port is approx 35mm. Note that: 1- the measurements of Aquatica ports are based on what you see - not what get screwed in to the housing or other port. 1- I will need at least a 35mm port + 2 or 3mm - so that the lens is about 2 or 3 mm away from the flat port lens. Posting this here for a sanity check. Thanks
  5. I found this information from : http://achtel.com/Optics/ water, which improves the image clarity.
  6. Chris, first of all thank you for your attention and help here. I was using 1/100 for all photographs. I planned on using manual mode, but on the boat, the housing wheel that makes contact with the camera aperture wheel wasn't making contact. The camera, somehow, was sliding too deep into the housing - thus the housing wheel was behind the camera wheel. I will remedy this by adding a little strip of velcro to prevent the camera from sliding all the way in. In aperture mode, on my camera, the aperture wheel is another wheel. So I set it to ISO 1000 and 1/100. Majority of photographs were at f/10. Except the last few where it is obvious I went to a small aperture (f/14 - f/18 - f/20). I am familiar with cameras and somehow it completely slipped my mind to match minimum shutter speed to lens focal length - i.e: at least a shutter speed of 1/150. Kicking myself for the "cant see the forest for the trees" moment. This happened because I read a few "introduction to underwater photography" articles and the majority suggested between 1/100 and 1/160. I realize why now - they were using wide angle lenses haha. I am using the center focal point on my camera. It is the highest performing focus point. And of course I use the back-focus button. I found myself focusing, locking the focus by holding down the BF button, then gently moving myself forward/backwards to get the subject in focus - a human dolly. As you would traditionally with a tripod. Regarding the focal length 150mm and mis-focusing due to working distance. Very true. Majority of the time I had to press the focus button several times for it to lock on to. While both the camera and lens focused very quickly each time, it still did mis-focus quite a lot. Because I am using a "proprietary" lens - I am unsure which focus ring could/might work. My rig is very light - I am using three positive-buoyancy floats. I may jettison one for a bit of added negative buoyancy. My question is, how much air gap should there be between the lens and the flat port lens? I'm asking because I currently have quite a bit of air/gap. Does this gap matter or affect anything? Focusing? Light entry into sensor? I'm asking because at this point I can either procure another port that reduces the empty gap between lens and flat port lens - about $350. Or procure a used Canon 100 L, the designated port, and focus ring - $1,700. And if it becomes clear I need a strobe(s), thats further purchasing. Not trying to skimp or anything. Just trying to see if I can make the Sigma work. If I can, well and good. If I cannot then it'll be option B. Next dive, I'll try 1/150 or faster and f/11 or thereabouts and manually control ISO. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello everyone, I picked up an Aquatica housing for my 5d mkii. Along with the housing I added the 18430 Mini Macro Port and 48458. With these two ports, the macro Sigma 150mm f/2.8 fits. The lens is about 140 to 150 mm in length. With the two ports, there is an gap of air between the lens and the flat port lens. About 2 inches. Maybe a bit less. I used a 4500 lumen video light. Photographs were taken with : 1/100 - ISO 1000 - Aperture ranged between f/8 and f/22. My question is, am I not getting the focus right? Or am I shaking too much? Or is the combination of ports preventing the camera from focusing? Thank you. Photographs straight out the camera in jpg (and standard picture style): https://imgur.com/a/pnPKJo5
  8. I recently asked Aquatica which port to use with the 35L on a 5d mkii. I also assumed the same port for the 24L - because they're the same dimensions. But they said to use the 17-40L port. But Jean, who used to work at Aquatica, above says the 24L port. I asked the Aquatica people why they suggest the 17-40L port and the response was a rather vague: Based on 35L lens & some calculations , we suggest that port. Now I'm curious.
  9. I don't think this is a fair question. If someone asks me if McDonald's is good, if I say, does it taste good to you? I Imply that their taste ultimately dictates their fate and I actually added no value to them. Maybe they've never tried anything better than McDonald's. So they have nothing to compare to. My response would be, try something a bit higher end than fastfood and then you can decide for yourself. Also, that wasn't my question. I honestly never asked if the photographs looked good. I ask, and reiterate, has the apprehension you all had about untested lens dynamics & setup remain? I suppose its a moot point because I did not use Aquatica's setup advice. I intend to test again with port+dome.
  10. Which lens(es) did you use this with, Simon?
  11. shooooooooooooot I just realized - all these photographs were sans port haha 8" dome directly appended to housing - I was pressure testing the housing in phases: Phase I: Housing/Dome sans camera Phase II: Housing/Dome/Camera in Phase III was supposed to be Housing/Dome/Port/Camera But I never got to Phase III.
  12. hello, I've quoted the posts about apprehension of whether the 35 L would work. Based on the, admittedly mediocre quality, photographs, does it work? I mean technically?
  13. And, am I happy with the quality of photographs? Of course not haha. Here are some of my photographs with the tg6:
  14. Thanks, Tim. So far so good. I obviously need to teach myself to illuminate for wide angle - as the majority of my photography has been macro. But quality-wise, did the lens "work"? Early on in this thread, the discussion was around apprehension and doubt that this lens would work in the dome/port - as dome ports are designed around particular lenses and their characteristics.
  15. I finally got to use the 5d mkii, aquatica housing / 8" dome and 35 L JPGs straight out the camera (no post processing) All taken with backscatter video light (4300 lumens) - except the last one (natural light at safety stop)
  16. thanks - now I understand more. hopefully this weekend
  17. Hmm Aquatica said to use the 48458 (same as 17-40 port) instead of the 48456 (the 24L port) I took the below with the 35 L and 8" aquatica acrylic dome Not as sharp/vinbrant as the 48458 port How come?
  18. Technically speaking, the 35 is about 99% of the 24 L. The port extension was designed for the 24L. Size-wise, the 24 L and 35L are almost identical. But you're right. I am unsure and would like to find out. Worst case scenario, I either get a 24mm or sell the extension ring. Photographs in a weeks time
  19. Thank you - I need a bit of time to digest this.
  20. thanks for the input till I get to try it underwater, what are you suggesting I may find out underwater?
  21. In demonstration of my gratitude to you all, here are are few JPGs straight out the 5d mkii with the 35 L on. 48456 port and 8" acrylic dome. f/4 1/60 and 1/100 and ISO 100 They look ok to me?
  22. Then why does Aquatica sell focus rings for lenses as wide as 8mm and up to 35 mm? Just thinking out - why would Aquatica go out of their way to develop something that the majority would not need.
  23. Thanks I initially thought I'd wait until it appears I need one but o currently have an order at back scatter and better to add it now. But since I won't need one. I'll skip it. Thanks both of you.
  24. Hello I intend to use my 5d mk ii in an aquatica housing with my 17-40 L and 35 f/1.4 L Are focus rings necessary? I ask because I thought focus rings were for macro lenses? Then today I was chatting with a fellow photographer and he said focus rings are recommended even for wide angle because, apparently, focus tends to hunt underwater? If it hunts once every 10 dives, that's fine. But if it hunts more often, say every dive, then I think I should consider adding the focus ring? Thanks
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