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  1. Hello everyone Why is the lens hood showing up in photographs? I tried rotating it 90 degrees but its the same?
  2. Thank you very much for this informative and detailed explanation I intentionally took my time reading this while going through photographs I already took It appears that I need to re-adjust lighting position when the area has a high HDR (bright surfaces that will reflect and appear over-exposed) I also like your comment about working backwards - meaning knowing what I can do and cannot do in PP which will determine what kind of photographs I take thank you very much!
  3. Just surfaced from a dive Macro mode does indeed celebrate the light into a narrow mean - this is offset by the snoot's built in diffuser. Thank you
  4. Was using it in macro Ahh your comment makes sense I think the macro produces a hot spot because maybe it's intended to be used with the snoot The snoot has a built in diffuser
  5. Thanks, Tim. You are a beacon of light. Pun, decidedly, intended.
  6. Thanks, Tim. I also have the backscatter snoot. Will experiment with it after I've gotten accustomed to the light without a snoot aid. So that I know how a snoot affects the system - if I use both at the same time, I won't know what affect what has. Get used to the light as a baseline, then can note how a snoot affects it.
  7. Thank you, Tim. Do you suppose using a flash is advantageous over a continuous light LED? I am using the backscatter macro/wide 4300 in macro mode. I could try using the lower-brightness modes.
  8. adam, thank you I figured that and was hoping that exposure compensation would compensate for over exposed areas Bu this has also happened when I have set the light directly over the subject Like this photograph
  9. adam, I'm referring to the hotspot from the light I figured the brighter the light, the faster the shutter speed and lower ISO
  10. Heres a photograph taken in RAW and converted to a jpg without any PP. How can I avoid the hotspot? Exif: ISO: 100 EV: -0.7 F/6.3 1/125s
  11. Looking for composition in water as a starting point. Then PP technique as well.
  12. Yes - it looks like the fish significantly grew in the three months since the photograph. I'll try iNaturalist. Thank you, Chris.
  13. The photographs and video were taken months apart. But I am fairly certain it is the same fish. Months ago I saw two next to each other. The video from a week ago was of one only. I think its the same fish because the site is a 101 foot seabed wreck dive in the middle of the sea. Theres nothing around the wreck except sand. The video was taken in the exact location I found it months ago. Really, within 1 foot away maybe.
  14. thank you, Chris I do not know what it is then
  15. Diggy, I agree with you. I still think its a stargazer
  16. At 31 meters / 101 feet Night dive Footage & photographs :
  17. Certainly agree that two articulating arms are better than one. But two short or a short end a long? Thank you.
  18. See, I cannot visualize how a pair of short or a pair of short/long would affect dexterity/ I tried looking on youtube but could not seem to find clips explaining or demonstrating this.
  19. Good point, Chris. I was suggesting RAW in the hope that maybe someone wanted to edit a photography to demonstrate a point. I guess I'll convert them to JPG without any editing.
  20. Hello everyone, I recently used my Olympus TG-6 underwater and would like critique. Is it preferable that I share the RAW images? Thank you.
  21. Hello everyone, I have an Olympus TG-6 with backscatter tray. It currently has a sola 2500 flood light connected via loc-line (flex?) arm. I want to add a second light and wondering if I should get two arms connected by a clamp or a single arm? How many arms and what length? I primarily photograph macro and sometimes the critters are hiding in anemone or crevices. Thank you.
  22. I'm not sure what I think at this point. But, you can fill the frame with a 7mm subject - assuming you can coerce it into letting your lens make contact with it. While comical, the point is, there is some loss working-distance in the form of magnification ?
  23. I was watching the backscatter promotional video where Robin says the M52 wide angle air lens reduces macro distance but not much. I wanted to quantify not-much. Here are two photos of an RFID chip that measures 7 mm. I made the test simple. I literally laid the camera down on the chip and focused. First without the wide angle air lens and then with. Photographs are worth a thousand words.
  24. thanks - did that turned off the light in the bathroom and aimed the 2500 and another 1000 I have - shutter speeds of 200 and higher great thank you
  25. Thanks, Chris. I haven't used the system underwater yet. But I am very well aware of ISO,aperture, and SS for metering and freezing movement. So with the Olympus the first, I imagine it'll be more of an orientation rather than new learning. I'm only wondering if two lights is overkill or would cause an overblown image.
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