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  1. Hmm Aquatica said to use the 48458 (same as 17-40 port) instead of the 48456 (the 24L port) I took the below with the 35 L and 8" aquatica acrylic dome Not as sharp/vinbrant as the 48458 port How come?
  2. Technically speaking, the 35 is about 99% of the 24 L. The port extension was designed for the 24L. Size-wise, the 24 L and 35L are almost identical. But you're right. I am unsure and would like to find out. Worst case scenario, I either get a 24mm or sell the extension ring. Photographs in a weeks time
  3. Thank you - I need a bit of time to digest this.
  4. thanks for the input till I get to try it underwater, what are you suggesting I may find out underwater?
  5. In demonstration of my gratitude to you all, here are are few JPGs straight out the 5d mkii with the 35 L on. 48456 port and 8" acrylic dome. f/4 1/60 and 1/100 and ISO 100 They look ok to me?
  6. Then why does Aquatica sell focus rings for lenses as wide as 8mm and up to 35 mm? Just thinking out - why would Aquatica go out of their way to develop something that the majority would not need.
  7. Thanks I initially thought I'd wait until it appears I need one but o currently have an order at back scatter and better to add it now. But since I won't need one. I'll skip it. Thanks both of you.
  8. Hello I intend to use my 5d mk ii in an aquatica housing with my 17-40 L and 35 f/1.4 L Are focus rings necessary? I ask because I thought focus rings were for macro lenses? Then today I was chatting with a fellow photographer and he said focus rings are recommended even for wide angle because, apparently, focus tends to hunt underwater? If it hunts once every 10 dives, that's fine. But if it hunts more often, say every dive, then I think I should consider adding the focus ring? Thanks
  9. I meant why stop down during shooting - but I see that was already addressed in this thread. I measured from flange of 35 f/1.4 L to where the diaphragm appears to be: about 50mm to 70mm
  10. Yes the 48456 is for the 24 1.4 L It looks to be between 5 and 7 cm away from flange. I'm sorry if I'm burdening with my questions, why would I need to stop down? I'm certain there are optical and physical reasons, but in layman's terms? Thank you.
  11. Thanks for your advice I remain determined I picked up the: Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II port #48456 And the Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L USM port# 48458 The 35 1.4 dimensions are almost identical to the 24 1.4 I wish someone could or would look up the 35 1.4 focusing thing - I tried but struggled Willing to barter for helping with accounting
  12. Many thanks but that is too technical for me, Chris. Port charts don't mention nodal distances. Just the port and compatible lenses.
  13. good question, Chris No I have not done a vacuum test but the gap with the lens and without a lens is visually the same And yes I would not want to lose the camera and lens - I'll just have to wait till backscatter or blue waters get the ports back in stock A little frustrating that they both list the ports as in stock but don't really have stock Generally speaking, how far back should a lens be from the dome or flat port? Thanks for your and everyone's help here.
  14. turns out its touching the dome but the back plate is also sealing tempted to take it diving this week I measured this: camera with 35 mm lens: protrudes 1.14 mm outwards but the back seals the gap (between main housing and back plate) in indiscernible tempted to dive..
  15. the 35 L fit into the housing with the 6" dome I took a few photographs - focused well I can't tell if the lens is touching the dome? there doesn't appear to be resistance? the housing securely closes?
  16. Hi hyp Good question. I love the 35 L - takes such great photographs I understand macro (I have a sigma 150) and I understand the appeal of wide angle underwater But I think I want to use the 35 to take great shots - I'll frame the shot according to the 35mm
  17. Ahh ok So how do I figure out if the lens I intend to use can focus? Canon 35mm f/1.4 L: Aspherical lens element to correct aberrations Minimum focus 0.30 m (11.81″) Maximum magnification 0.18x Autofocus Yes Focus method Read
  18. What do you guys mean with focus close enough? And why stop down when used in the dome?
  19. Thanks, Chris. A question. So Aquatica lists ports and compatible lenses. But why have they simply just not listed every compatible lens? How do I know which port to get for the 35 L I have? Do I need to measure its height/radius and then look up the lenses listed on the chart to figure out? Feels backwards? I hope I'm wrong.
  20. Is it the glass or acrylic? What do you use it with?
  21. because the camera has a an option you select when you use a wide angle basically the camera automatically zooms in to 1.4 so that the hood doesn't show up this should not be the with the m52 as its designed to be used wide open as you demonstrated above
  22. Hello everyone I have found a 5d mkii aquatica housing with 6" dome. Thats all the seller has. I realize the 5d mkii is dated, but its what I have. I have the following lenses: 17-40 L 24-105 L 35 L mki 135 L sigma 150 macro I'd love to use the ef 35mm f/1.4 L or the 17-40 and eventually use the sigma for macro So two questions. Should I get the housing? Are ports discontinued? What ports would I need for say the 35 L ? The aquatica pdf doesn't mention the 35 L port. Thank you
  23. do you have any of the accessories modes on? maybe pt-01?
  24. what strange customer service from back scatter...bewilderingbeating around the bushvague responsesI feel I need to get to the bottom of this with them
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